Wilton Speight listed as 7th best QB

Submitted by WolverineInCbus on April 17th, 2013 at 12:27 PM
TomVH tweeted an article that talks about the top 10 QB's rated by ESPN. Our very own Wilton Speight is listed at number 7.. Great to see after he was listed as the 20th best QB other sites. http://es.pn/10gDVAT Sorry if the link doesn't work. It's my first post and I'm in class....



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But we chose Speight. The man certainly cares about Michigan. I don't know. Maybe the leadership aspect will outweigh the other things we were initially concerned about.


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Cornwell listed at #2, and Michael O'Connor listed at #6.  I believe those were the three competitors in the "who gets a Michigan offer" hunger games.

On WTKA this morning, someone asked Sam Webb where Speight would end up.  He said at least a 3 star, and maybe a 4 star.  Scout... er, scouts, have to evaluate him in person.  In Sam speak, it didn't seem obvious that he would move up, though I may be reading too much into his words.

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Our coaches have been pretty good at judging talent and recruiting rankings are relatively unreliable. I think we got a good quarterback coming in. He is a good recruiter, and he seems to have the skill set to thrive here.

Michigan Eaglet

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Getting more recognition and being recognized as more than "just a 3 star". He probably won't be the highest ranked QB come signing day, but he very well could be the most valuable with his recruiting prowness and love for Michigan. I'd rather have him than a Gunner Kiel type any day.

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Can I get a list of your top 16 high school QBs in the class?

It would seriously ease my mind about the Speight commit.

I mean I am freaking out. I need advice. It's so crazy over here, you know. It's like all I think about. Does Magnus think Speight is good? If he doesn't I am seriously going to have a panic attack. It's weird, but your vast high school football recruiting knowledge sets my mind at ease. I just need lists, man. Just one list. You dont even have to make it QBs. Just type something like this

1. Speight

2. flavored vodka

3. Fern Gully (on VHS)

4. that new car smell

5. hoagies

6. Braxton Miller

Can you just do that for us? PLEASE?

no joke its hoke

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i think the coaches liked Speight a little more than the others because he is a bit different than Morris. Wilton is a big,thick guy that is more accurate than powerfull when throwing,where Shane is lean and has a cannon.


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For me,  I don't pretend to know or favor one player over another so I won't touch that portion.  That said, I'm not sure I would jump to offering one player, and one player only, a year before signing day when I am in on a number of consensus top players at said position...


Then again, what do I know?  Maybe when our coaches saw him in person they were amazed and did what they did with reason.   

Also, I'm not so sure they have earned the right offensively to be given carte blanche protection from criticism (on defense I see the young guys playing and performing... on offense... not so much)




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devin = potential phenom

bellomy = unsuccessful 2012 + year ending injury

cleary = walkon who might be as good as bellomy

swieca= not likely D1 qb

shane= super recruit, missed most of senior season in high school, struggled in UA game

-Devin sprains his ankle- might  lose a bunch of games with no viable option at QB (think Nebraska 2012 for a half or whole season).

i think we are missing 1 or even 2 highly recruited QBs that should be on a B1G championship contender.



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I'm not super worried about the lack of love from recruiting sites because he was offered so early and after such a lengthy vetting process. However, if Cornwell still wanted to come (he expressed some sincere regret after the Speight commitment if I remember correctly), I wouldn't turn him away. We could really use another one.


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Cell phones were just becoming affordable and practical while I was in college so not a lot of kids had them but those that did knew to put them away in class.  Do profs not care about kids playing around on their phones while attending class?  It would drive me crazy.   

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No cell phones. I even note this in the syllabus, in bold. I catch you playing with a phone I mark you absent which could effect a grade. Seeing a kid play with a phone in class bugs the crap out of me, but my classes are participatory and not lecture style. So I need my kids to be awake, plus, I am going to see that. And I mean, come on--if you're a college kid, you're prolly texting someone you saw ealier and will see again in twenty minutes. I think of this as my part in helping this generation learn to focus on one thing for more than 5 minutes.


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presumably he was their #1 guy.

mult-millionaire college coaches are going to rely almost solely on their own evaluation and not on outside evaluations.

fans just feel better when everyone's opinions align and a player is pronounced as elite.