Wilton Speight and Michael Ferns To Visit This Weekend?

Submitted by MJ14 on March 13th, 2013 at 12:56 PM

Previously, I had heard Wilton and Michael would not be able to make it up this weekend to help recruit Da'Shawn Hand. But, I went to Wolverine Nation today and it's says on the home page that Wilton and Michael will be visiting. I don't have an insider account and I'm assuming it's on the mailbag. I'm just wondering if anyone else has information on this weekend? It would be awesome if Wilton and Michael could both get up there and help recruit, and it couldn't hurt for Michael to bring a Team 135 shirt!



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I think that TE Nick Weishar (I think) rescheduled his visit to this weekend so 1) He could see how he fit in with the players and 2) So he could be there with Ferns. I think I remember him saying that.


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The kid's family has money to ship him to California for QB training and buy him some really fly khaki pants, so I wouldn't put it past him to get to campus. But I haven't heard any inkling that he'll be in Ann Arbor this coming weekend, and it would seem like a thing that he would put out there because it would help recruiting.


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Understandable enough, I guess I was more so looking for confirmation. I haven't found anywhere else that states they'll be visiting this weekend. I also thought that Wilton had said he couldn't make it. It wouldn't be the first time ESPN was wrong about something, so I thought I would bring it to the board. I'm just skeptical since no one else has reported it, but I'd love to see another big weekend of visits, with Speight and Ferns there to help.

Victor Hale II

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Questions:  Would those two guys even be able to tag along with Hand the entire time?  What is the format when recruits visit?  Does each guy spend a great deal of time seeing the particular school of his desired major?  Does he spend lots of time with his recruiter and/or position coach?  Is there lots of 1-1 time with Mattison, Borges, or Hoke?


Given what I've read about Hand and his plan for doing his due diligence in his recruitment, I have to wonder how much of an influence Speight and Ferns would have.  I mean, each school he visits would surely have other commits who are very passionate about the school/team, no?  I guess what I am trying to say is that Hand seems to be one who won't be swayed by hype or cajoling by others.


However, it's awesome to see these guys making the effort to get on campus to see Hand.  That, by itself, should send some sort of message to him - one that is more impactful than if they weren't there.


March 13th, 2013 at 2:46 PM ^

I would have to guess the sit down part where the recruit/family talk with the coaches are done privately. 

My best guess: (not sure about the order)

1)  Campus tour (incl. facilities and academic center)

2)  Academic presentation  (i think this is where recruits/family can ask questions about majors, classes, etc.)

3) Somewhere in there I think there is a presentation about general things about the school.  (might be included in the academic portion)

4) One on one time with coaches.  (I think this is the major reason why Hoke prefers his way over having "junior days")

5) After all the formal business is done, I think they hang out with their host/other recruits.


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Hand, Berger and Harris are probably 3 of our 4 biggest recruits (McDowell) with serious interest and each would fill a key position hole for 2014.

We're due for a commit in the next few weeks to keep building momentum through spring practice ...