Wilson Staying in Draft

Submitted by uncle leo on May 24th, 2017 at 12:33 PM

Just came out.

"Sources tell DraftExpress that D.J. Wilson is keeping his name in the 2017 NBA Draft and will not return to Michigan."



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They come into college with dreams of success, so when they find it, they gone. I'm happy for him and hope his grasp of the brass ring is secure. Someone will just have to fill his shoes. If someone had told you a year ago that DJ was going to be a first round pick, would you have believed it on the basis of a late shot in the Indiana game? Time for someone else to make the leap.

Flying Dutchman

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That's exactly it.  If anyone said a year ago that DJ would be a first round pick, I would have laughed my ass off.

The only problem is, he isn't yet a first round pick, he is just a possibility of being such.   I'm not sure he will be, and would be surprised if he becomes one.   Talented kid, but he had half a season of good play at Michigan.  Come back for a good strong year, young man.  


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Also, these guarantees can't be legal agreements, can they?  What about all of the uncertainties?  Some great player has a last minute instagram scandal and falls far down the draft ... someone gives you a great offer to trade picks and doesn't want to take the guy you have a "guarantee" with ... all just seems kind of up-in-the-air for a team to make a guarantee in an unknown draft situation.

kevin holt

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Yeah how much of a "commitment" is this for the Jazz? It's worthless unless DJ gets it in writing, and DJ probably wouldn't have it in writing without an agent, and DJ wouldn't have an agent because he was possibly coming back and agents are evil and corruptive to our youts.


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Pick 30 gets $3 million guaranteed over the first two years. If he's picked 31-40, I bet he gets at least two years guaranteed, and even at the minimum that's $2.2 million over two years. The last couple years picks in the early 2nd have gotten more guaranteed money than picks in the late 20s. That will probably get fixed this year with increased 1st round scale salaries, but it will still be a marginal difference as long as he doesn't fall too far below 30.

And then there's the upside of teams jumping up to try to draft him, and going higher than 30.

Best of luck to DJ. I think he absolutely made the correct decision, much tho I would have liked to see him in Ann Arbor another year.


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This is a bad decision. He will come to regret this choice as next years class isn't as strong as this years and he would be very likely a high pick. Good luck to him


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Bummer, but it was fun watching him develop this season.  It would be hard to turn down theopportunity to be a professional and potentially wealthy.  I still think he could have been a lottery pick next year but wish the kid the best.


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I really hope he got a guarantee, and I'd have to think he did if he is staying in the draft.

That said, Mitch McGary is having trouble sticking in the NBA but I'm supposed to believe DJ Wilson will? 

Amazing MSU gets Bridges back and Michigan loses Wilson. 


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is not exactly true.  Burke was borderline 1st/2nd after the 2012 season and stayed, both McGary and GR 3 were pretty much in the exact same position as Wilson after 2013 and both of them returned as well.  It could be that Wilson actually saw McGary and GR 3 as "cautionary tales" to a certain degree.  GR3 had a decent second season but did not enhance his stock (and it may have even fell) as he was playing the 4 all year, and McGary was out the entire season with an injury, tested positive for pot and fell in the draft.

I don't think any of those things were likely to happen for Wilson, but Michigan has had borderline players return and it has not always gone well for them.


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McGary's issues were never about basketball.

If DJ Wilson isn't good enough to stick in the league, what's one more year of practicing and playing in college going to do rather than practicing and playing against the best? 

Even if he's an early 2nd round pick, he'll make a couple million his first few years. Rather that then get hurt, risk getting exposed, or anything bad happening. 

Secure the bag DJ!!


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McGary can't stay healthy for more than 10 minutes, its not a skills issue.  And even if it was Wilson bring positional versatility high defensive upside and an outside stroke that will allow a team to go 5 out.  He brings more to the table ceiling wise than McGary does, McGary just had a higher floor if he stayed healthy.


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To me it is a bad decision unless he needs money for family. He must have a guarantee in first rd. If he stayed he could have improved his game and draft status because as of now next year's class is alot weaker then this class. He could have been lottery next year if he improved. Now we need to get a big grad transfer. Maybe The Pitt guy so reconsider.

Longballs Dong…

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It seems everyone saying this was a bad decision is basically saying: If he would have come back he would definitely get better and improve his draft position but if he goes now he will definitely get worse and probably not last in the NBA. What if he stays and hurts his draft status?  Look how many upper classmen are expected to get drafted - it's not many.  Staying in college is not usually helpful to your draft potential and there are a lot of risks.  If you believe in yourself as a player, you go pro and get better so you get a FA contract sooner.  If you dont' believe in yourself as a player, you go pro and take the guaranteed money.  If you believe in Beilien's development, you go back to school.  


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Needs another year before hes even remotely ready...I fear this will be the last we here about him basketball wise..but oh well I hope it pans out for him


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Absolutely does not matter. Whatever you think he needs to improve to ready himself for the next level will come no matter what uniform he wears next season. The NBA doesnt care about a player being "ready" from a strength or even a skill standpoint. They care about athletecism and potential. DJ has a 7'3" wingspan and oozes potential.

He could certainly improve his draft stock by returning and backing up his potential with a 17/8/3 type of season, but "ready" still wouldn't matter.


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Incorrect! Yes he could improve some, but you are what you are at this stage of development according to NBA Scouts. Justin Jackson from UNC was probably a late lottery selection before this season. He improved his game, won ACC player of the year, and was the best player on a team that won a National Championship. And yet he's still likely to be a late lottery pick. Same goes in the opposite direction, such as the case with Skal Labissiere who had a underwhelming season at Kentucky and still wound up a lottery pick in last year's draft. The league keeps eyes on these kids from the moment they enter the 11th grade. It would have to be extreme circumstances for a late 1st round pick to suddenly become a top 10 pick.