Guy Fawkes

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•There has been a wild rumor about one of the Poly Prep assistants being in line to take an analyst position on the staff of one of the schools that are wooing Wilson. Georgia’s name has been thrown around on message board in regard to that situation. Fountaine shot that down. “Totally false,” he said.

Courtesy of DawgNation. I guess time will tell but I've heard that Georgia did in fact hire at least 1 guy.


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We hired some people previously too. Chris Partridge comes to mind.  He's an awesome coach, so it was a win beyond helping to recruit Paramus, but some people were probably complaining about it on rival fan sites. I wasn't opposed to the hire, so i'd hate to throw stones here too.  Here's hoping that the coach they hired isn't any good though.


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Historically, UGA is far from a 2nd tier school. However, this is a team that found a way to lose to Vanderbilt and blow a big lead in the final minutes against GA Tech. They also almost lost to Nicholls State on their own home field earlier in the year. Right now it is a 2nd tier program in the SEC. 


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jump tiers on a season to season basis, though.  Were we third or fourth tier big ten two years ago? No.  Because we still had the name, influence, facilities, support, resources (and even talent) to bring in the most sought after coach on any level that winter, and then just two years later be one of the best teams in the sport.

Is WMU in the top tier of the country after this year just because they're in the NY6? Not even close.

UGA is a top tier SEC school and not being at the top of the conference standings for a year, and having a couple bad games doesn't change that and doesn't change the appeal to recruits and the potential for a recruit to have a great four years.

James Burrill Angell

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Not going to disparage the kid or the decision. He has his reasons. 

My question is who is left on the OT board. Our OT situation is scary right now. Newsome probably won't be ready to go physicall, JBB didn't pass his test earlier in the year. We know nothing about Ulizio except his rather low recruiting ranking. With both tackle spots opening up next year I suspect we would have had a true freshman in one of those spots. The two 3* kids look like they need time to bulk up and it sounds like the kid from Florida has some academic barriers he has to jump.

Is there anyone left on the board that is the kind of kid who can start? If not, are we looking for graduate transfers?


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if you're a good RB, you'll find success regardless of the OL.  Marshawn Lynch had to run behind a bad OL for the last few seasons and yet still find ways to be productive. Heck even Thomas Rawls found success.

What's important for the RB is their vision, acceleration and COD. These will set them apart from other RBs on whether they'll succeed or not.


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a possibility? I feel like this has been mentioned on here before, but the necessity seems to be there to seriously consider it.  Seems like having him put on 20 lbs (has the frame to do it) and working him out there for the next 8 months is one of the better options we have for next season.  Especially with Asiasi having seemingly passed him as the blocking TE and with skillet hands poised to take over for Butt.

Mr Miggle

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He's already been on campus for two years. He's doing well at TE. If you ask him to learn a completely new position and bulk up, I wouldn't expect him to be a good option as soon as 2017. He'll need to add more than 20 lbs. More like 40. He had slimmed down a bit.


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but while he's doing well at TE, that's also a position for which we have an overabundance of talent.  There's a lot of overlap between OT and TE in terms of blocking schemes (they usually run a lot of drills together) so it's probably the most seamless position switch to make.  He's a huge guy, if he lost the weight already, it'd be fairly easy to put back on.

I do agree Cole moving back to OT is probably much more realistic, though. Here's hoping we get Filiaga and two of the freshman/current players (Ulizio? JBB?) are up for the challenge.

James Burrill Angell

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Cole wasn't overwhelming at center and we have more interior guys on the roster who could fill that spot (Kugler comes to mind). Considering the dearth of tackles, I wonder if Cole goes back to tackle and then JBB mans the other spot. 

More than any other position I'll be watching that tackle spot during spring.

Mr Miggle

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I don't think Wilson is going to start as a freshman anyway. I'd guess the most ready OL recruits on our board haven't committed yet. One of them announces Monday.

I wouldn't rule out Bredeson to tackle either. He and Cole seem to be the only locks to start. Where may depend on where the next three fit best.



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The problem is you already know Cole gets abused by elite DE's.  It may be stabilizing in the sense that it stops us from potentially losing to air force but it puts a hard ceiling on the performance of our oline that is is liable to get destroyed against teams like Florida, Wisconsin, OSU and anybody we could hope to play in the playoffs.  Bosa singlehandedly beat our offense two years ago, if you can't block the edge you can't move the ball.  Cole can't block the edge on elite guys and we know that.  There is a reason he didn't pop out to LT this year after Newsom got injured.


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raise the already low ceiling?  The only hope was a freshman stud with huge upside realizing his potential immediately and that is almost certainly now out the window.  Some combo of Cole, Bredeson, true freshman four star or Ulizio/JBB (yikes) is going to have to man the two tackles positions.  Cole is probably the best option there.  Maybe Bredeson but then you need to find another guard.

The reason he didn't kick out was that Braden and Bredeson were able to step up on the left side. That LT spot was a mess before Braden moved over, so now who's going to be the better option? 


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If you think Cole getting abused as a true soph means that he's a given to be abused as a senior, I don't know how you could think JBB has a better chance of making a leap when we have more recent evidnece of him being abused at a later stage in his career.

I do think Bredeson could be a viable tackle, with a potentially higher ceiling than Cole or JBB, but there's still another spot.  Someone (or two) is going to have make a leap(s).


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I can never understand why people get so wrapped around the axle if he doesn't choose Michigan. He's 17 years old, it could be a million different little reasons why he picked Georgia over Michigan. No need to get down about what a young man decides to do. 

Good luck to him and hope he has a stellar career. Now on to the next. We have had two top recruits commit to us this week. Let's keep that going and add a few more, hopefully Ruiz commits to us as we could use a top flight center in this class.


Go Blue.


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that's pretty scary. If we thought Drevno did a masterful job in 2015, next year looks to be even more difficult.  The good part is that at least he's laid the groundwork with most of these guys for a year or two.

Lou MacAdoo

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Maybe a little but why assume all of these guys will be a downgrade. They may end up executing better than the previous line. Who knows. Many of them will have been in this system longer than the starters that just left. They may find some better chemistry and timing.

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Ecky Pting

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The urgency to capture Chuck Filiaga has just ratcheted up a few notches. He's got the size to start right away at OT.

Also still on the board are:

Ruiz is a Sam Webb gut-feeling lock. Slaton will probably stay in FL.

Anyone think they may continue to press Aaron Banks, and maybe get a flip - or even Wilson, for that matter?