Will there be any consequences for Arizona violating the NCAA concussion policy?

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I'm not a doctor, but I suspect this happens more than we'd like to admit. Last year Tommy Rees looked more than a little dazed and came back and this year Will Gholston appeared to be out cold. Nevertheless I've never seen the media make an issue of it before, maybe they have feared losing access. I'm glad it's happening. I am disappoint, Rodriguez. Obviously the handling of this has consequences for all of college football. 



Durham Blue

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and thank you for sharing.  Count me in the bunch that was disheartened when RR was fired.  I get incensed when Michigan fans still find the need to shit on the guy.  I've watched every Arizona game this sesaon.  It's great to see him doing well.  Even though the RR spread had its issues at Michigan (for many different reasons) I still prefer that offense over what we're moving to.


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Wait a minute... Didn't Rodriguez hold Denard out of the Illinois game in 2010 just because he had a headache, even though it was a close game and Rodriguez' job was on the line? And the pissant who wrote this article admits to not having actually watched the Arizona-USC game? And he doesn't even mention the possibility that the vomiting may have been due to a stomach issue?

Yeah, I call BS. 

Smash Lampjaw

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This is a collision of my two top hobby-horses. I favor RR like mgo jen and Section 1, but I am also the man "who wants to watch the world burn", in that I believe for football to belong in an academic environment it has to do some dramatic things to make the game safer for the players. I have always stayed in my foxhole for the RR threads, and I would have preferred if almost any other coach was the subject of this controversy. If the details spelled out in the Inside Higher Ed piece are accurate I feel terrible that such a big W for Rich was marred by such an unfortunate turn of events.

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I appreciate your moderating comments clearly intended to instigate. Too many people making offensive comments on this board for my (admittedly delicate) tastes.


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“After the game, I was feeling good then, and I’m feeling good now,” Scott said. “I was trying to get back in the game but they were just being cautious.”

Sorry to pee in anybody's "let's rip RR" pool.