Will Sparty get two Prime Time spankings in a 3 week span?

Submitted by KennyHiggins on September 24th, 2017 at 1:40 PM

Really enjoyed the horror show MSU fans got to observe last night.  Should get news on game time for M-MSU in next 24 hours.  Still a compelling enough game for a prime time (7 or 8pm) beatdown?



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One of the two years Harbaugh has been here, they didn't give us a game. And the other year they had one of the 4 best teams in college football and probably their best team in 50 years and they needed a miracle play to beat us. I don't see this year playing out like 2 years ago unless Lewerke turns himself into senior Connor Cook in two weeks


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This is absolutely key, and perfectly correct. We don't need Oklahoma State's offense to be a B1G Championship, playoff bound team. Not this year at least. We need our defense to play like it's been playing, and an offense that minimizes mistakes and puts up 28 points or so. 


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I hope it's not a night game. It's the one game this year I get to attend, and I doubt my 7 year old will last much beyond the first half if the game starts at 8:00.

Clarence Boddicker

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FauxMo is correct. The Spartans were known as the foremost practicers of pederasty in the Hellenic world. It was said that they fought so fiercely because they were fighting, not merely to defend their city as citizens, but to defend their lover beside them in the phalanx. Bet MSU wouldn't show THAT on the Jumbotron though...


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Of the many, many, MANY absurd inaccuracies in "300" was when Leónidas insults the Athenians by calling them "boy lovers." Sure, the Athenians were into that, but nowhere near the Spartans, where it was an institution.

Oh, and Achilles goes nuts after Patroklos dies because...they were (maybe) lovers...

panthera leo fututio

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Faux Mo [giggling]: So I hear that Spartans like man-on-man spankings...

Leonidis: LOL, no, that's just what people say...but I see that it's just us now in the hot tub. Have you ever tried masturbating in front of a guy? Like, you know, just as friends?

Faux Mo [blushing]: No... But I guess it wouldn't be gay, right? Just two guys hanging out?

Leonidis: Yeah, just two friends relaxing... [mischievous smirk]

/cut to furious yet subtly tender sex

/end scene

Perkis-Size Me

September 24th, 2017 at 2:06 PM ^

I doubt it. MSU won’t be a big draw if they’re not any good, and there’s a few other matchups that week between ranked opponents they’ll probably rather go to.

LSU-Florida - because SEC and all that jazz....

Washington State-Oregon - both pretty good this year so far. WSU could possibly win the division, and is a sneaky bet to win the PAC-12. Assuming neither one loses next week my money is on this game being the one for Gameday.

Miami - FSU - FSU is a disappointment so far, but a big rivalry and they’ll play up the hurricane story so, so much for that game.

The Fugitive

September 24th, 2017 at 1:55 PM ^

not sure why a likely 2-2 MSU squad would be put in primetime.  that wont get very good ratings.

I personally hope it's a night game but I'm not sure it's warranted from a national perspective.

they are going to get destroyed no matter what tho. our defense is just way too much for them to handle.


September 24th, 2017 at 4:25 PM ^

Auburn and Missouri got primetime. So did Texas and USC. As long as one team is Top Ten, if the other is rivalry/compelling game, it's a good argument. 


The networks take a minimum of one Big Ten primetime game a week. 


The options on October 7th are:

  • Minnesota at Purdue (Obviously not)
  • Charleston Southern at Indiana (Obviously not)
  • Maryland at Ohio State (should be obviously not; especially with the terps injuries)
  • Wisconsin at Nebraska (this is the only other compelling matchup, but Nebraska looks to be worse than MSU, Wisconsin's fanbase/audience isn't as big as Michigan's, and we have the rivalry factor). 

MSU vs. U of M is the best primetime option of the Big Ten slate. It should get it.