Will Shawn Conway make the jump from JUCO to UM?

Submitted by Braylon1 on May 7th, 2011 at 10:32 PM

Is there any chance this kid becomes a Wolverine? Any news out there on him?



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I'm aware of the fact that he didn't get into UM and is attending school elsewhere. I'm just not sure where, and if he is still planning on coming to UM.


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Conway was arguably my favorite recruit last year. I think  could make a significant difference in the 2012 season and help ease the transition from the outside WR's Hemingway/Stonum to the next group.

Remember, this year Michigan loses Odoms, Hemingway, and Stonum. We're left with Roy Roundtree....and.....Roy Roundtree. Michigan has solid depth at slot but Denard could undoubtedly use another difference maker WR with the departure of those three.



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Highly doubt it, I believe he went Juco out in Arizona maybe?

As we know JUCO and UM dont get along very well, couple with the regime change (even though he is a WR) makes me think his ship has sailed. 


May 8th, 2011 at 3:02 AM ^

I don't know if the regime change will change anything because I think Conway might be better suited to play in a pro style offense.
<br>If he wants to come to Michigan he has to get an offer again from the coaches. I guess after that he gas to see if he can get into the school.
<br>Antonio Kinard was in a similar situation, only he went to prep school. He never received an offer from the new staff and decided to go Miami.


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My point being though he was a 3 star recruit from a school that doesnt churn out D1 talent regulary and with our numbers this year most likely only affording us to take 1 WR I doubt the new staff will extend another offer to him.  


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FYI, Braylon, you broke one of the cardinal rules of mgoboard: thou shalt not ask questions. 

Yes, this may be a board for the discussion of Michigan sports, but asking questions here is frowned upon, a no-no, verboten, and proscribed.  No matter that your question was utterly reasonable and sensible, you broke the rule.  Try not to repeat your mistake.


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Lately, mgoblog has become a lot like the Jim Rome show.  Give your "take" and don't suck.  That can be both good and bad.  It's good if you have a lot of confidence in your opinions but bad if you ask a question that isn't rhetorical or philosophical in nature.

But it's always entertaining either way. 


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Almost unthinkable how many douches are on mgoblog now. For goodness sakes, the guy asked a reasonable question that hasn't been discussed recently as far as I can tell.
<br>The mgoblog Gestapo is making it difficult to want to spend any time here.


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The OP was originally something along the lines of "Is Shawn Conway coming?  Or not?  Cookies?"


As for coming on here, I'd argue that many of the people that were here left because of the insanely asenine questions/responses that keep getting posted.  The board has taken some huge strides into becoming the Michigan RCMB.


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I would guess there's still a chance.  We probably want to take a WR, and none of the current wideouts seem that interested.

I wouldn't bet on it, though.

Hugh Jass

May 8th, 2011 at 12:59 PM ^

however, I want Dorial Green-Beckham too.  YES - I want everything.  Some think I am a spoiled brat but I do not care......I know what I want


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Assuming he does get offered, would he join the team in the fall of '12 or '13? After Stonum and Hemmingway leave after this season (hopefully stonum is after the season) and a slot ninja or two transfers, we could definitely take a chance on a tall receiver like him.