Will Hoke coach a Heisman winner?

Submitted by JimBobTressel on April 23rd, 2012 at 7:37 AM

Carr and Moeller both did it relatively early in their careers. Hell, RR had Denard on track to do it in September 2010...

Do you think it will happen under Hoke? At what position?

Just wanted to start some speculation with this topic, its not like we're impatiently tapping our feet here.

I doubt there will be another defensive winner like Woodson, but I think we can have an RB be a finalist (D. Smith maybe?)



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"Cool Story Bro" was funny the first hundred times or so, but it really just isn't that funny after the thousandth repitition.  Maybe it's time to come up with something new, creative, and more in line with mgoblog's reputation as THE most intelligent sports community on the internet.

Space Coyote

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"Insert extreme and stupid comment here"


"Insert person/people you are making fun of here".

People take these internet "meme's" (which itself is has become a bit of an internet "meme" in its own sense, seeing as it doesn't actually mean what most people think it means) and run them into the ground.  It's kind of like Sports Center covering sports news.  I DON'T CARE ABOUT JOE PA'S HOUSE!  PUT ON THE MICHIGAN/ILLINOIS GAME!


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Right now 6 of our 17 commits are "good chance of All-Big Ten" or better, 4 are "average Big Ten starters," and the rest are in between.

But yeah, I think they all suck.  That seems accurate.


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I swear every thread there is somebody raging on him.

Dude knows a fuck-ton more about football than most of us (certainly me), works his ass off to evaluate their skills and writes some really high quality analysis.

Just because a few of his opinions aren't popular doesn't mean their wrong, or that Magnus isn't being genuine in his reports.  Can't people grow up a bit and learn to have some civil disagreements without auto-hating on any information we may not like?

Now I'm not saying Magnus is infallible, infact he's had a pretty shaky time of it the last couple years.

He's lost quite a bit of confidence due to what I call Underperforming Cox®.

Magnus suffered from Underperforming Cox for years without seeking help, and frankly, not a lot of support from his MGoBretheren either.

His self esteem has taken a hit (as you could imagine) and I for one think it's time we all stepped up and welcomed Magnus back into the comforting embrace of the MGoBlog groupthink.

So let's all do our best to remind Magnus that his Cox problems are behind him.

Go Blue!


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I fully expect Hoke to coach the rest of his career at Michigan and since he will win at least 4 National Championships, there has to be one on one of those teams, right?


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It is Ondre Pipkins as he gets 20 sacks and 3 tds his junior year. He will be the Charles Woodson of D-Linemen, when they put him at fullback on goaline plays.

ND Sux

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Jordon MF Kovacs will win the inaugural "JMFK Trophy", awarded every year to the senior capping off the best (former) walk-on career.  The trophy itself will feature Underdog in a winged football helmet burying a QB.


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I think it's going to take a few years before anybody in the Big Ten can produce a Heisman winner. First we have to get rid of the stygma that our conference is not as good as the SEC or explosive as the PAC 12. I think that with Michigan and Ohio State we are on our way to doing that.

Also, I don't see Denard winning the Heisman this year. And to the guy that said Levenberry - really? 


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I don't think there's a problem with the "amirite" meter.. First, there's the question of whether Levenberry is going to commit to UM or FSU. I won't even get into that because it seems like an even split... But let's say he does get to UM, someone is saying he is going to win the Heisman? That's all my comment was about - the odds of a linebacker winning the Heisman in these days are quite small


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I personally don't care about the Heisman. It's at least half PR. Two words for everyone: Gino Torretta.

Why not ask, instead, if Hoke will coach a #1 draft pick? That would be worth far more than the trophy for "Most Valuable Offensive Player for a Generally Popular Team from a Power Conference that Wins at Least Ten Games," or whatever the Heisman really means.