Will Hagerup returning?

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So ESPN has these The Good, The Bad, and The Future posts about all of the position groups.  The one they posted today is on the Special Teams and there is no mention of Hagerup.  I used the google search function and didn't see a post regarding him not returning.  Am I missing something?  My understanding was that he was suspended for the 2013 season but would return for his Senior year in 2014.  I think it'd be a huge boost to our special teams if he returned and Wile could just focus on kicking.  



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And my understanding is that he must NOT be returning.  Had he actually been returning my infallable ESPN Overlords would've told me so.

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Because these aren't educational records. And I don't think it's HIPAA either, because they can freely discuss his status on the team without disclosing any PHI. So even if the school may be providing some sort of medical treatment, they can still answer the question if they want.

They just don't want.


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So even if the school may be providing some sort of medical treatment, they can still answer the question if they want.

I work with a lot of HIPAA stuff and it's always best to err on the side of caution. I also don't necessairly think that's true except to the extent they'd say he's under our treatment or has been treated. 


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In several interviews throughout last spring and summer, Hoke was pretty clear that Will would be back in 2014 and could be with the team then. Much of that was about helping Hagerup as a person, of course - he said at Big Ten Media Days this past July that he could very well have tossed him off the team, but his position was that you coach to develop the person and this punishment was aimed at helping Hagerup develop as just that. 


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Just Cover Blog just retweeted that FSU visited Malik McDowell over the weekend. Now leaning towards the Noles.. Any thoughts?

If we can't get him I want him as far south as possible, away from our rivals

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Just posted this in another thread, but relevant here too.


Jared Shanker at ESPN Insider has an article on Malik's FSU trip and the quotes are from Malik's father, Greg.


Greg notes that Malik was having a good visit and could see a path to getting on the field.  It goes on to discuss how Narduzzi's in home visit helped dispel some rumors Greg had heard about MSU players and how serious they take their schoolwork or lack there of.

But the money quote is:

“My son likes Coach Narduzzi and the coaches at Michigan State, but it’s always been University of Michigan first with me,” Greg said.





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I tweeted at Chantel (the writer of this article) asking why Hagerup wasn't included and her reply was "I don't think he will make an impact". Simple as that apparently.