Will Hag "time" erup

Submitted by preed1 on January 4th, 2010 at 11:57 AM

First off nobody can replace the space emperor, but how well do you think Will Hagerup will do in 2010 and beyond. Having a good punter and winning field position is key to any teams success.



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I believe The Space Emperor's first year punting was 2006. Michigan ranked 57th in net punting. If we can get to the top half of that category with Hagerup in his first year I think that would be a solid freshman campaign.


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FWIW every time I see his name I think Will HaNgerup Hang Time. I like to slip the "n" in to make it HANG...and I totally agree with you on the need of having a quality punter. It would also be nice if I knew his 40 time so I could be stoked about him maybe doing some fakes like zoltan in the ND and Minny game last year.

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playing this year for IU in The Big House. I am tremendously excited about this kid. have we ever had such a physical specimen (a 6'4" ATHLETE) come in as a punter before? I think he'll be a total monster, and soon.

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The United States Geological Survey has issued an ALERT WATCH for a "Hageruption" in our area. A watch means heightened/escalating unrest with increased potential for eruptive activity (timeframe variable) OR a minor eruption underway that poses limited hazards. Expect powerful explosions in which footballs travel faster than 800 mph and rise several miles into the air.

Stay tuned.


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I think it would be great if we have another punter good enough to let Hagerup redshirt. Gibbons was able to do that and it worked out until the Purdue game. Space Emperor also redshirted; just think an extra year with Barwis and he's already a big kid.

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But perhaps the "Prince of Space?" And yeah, he may as well change his name to Hangerup- they've probably already printed it that way on his jersey.....