Will Campbell on O-Line next year?

Submitted by BKFinest on September 25th, 2010 at 5:33 PM

Watching him on the O-Line @ LG on Goal-Line/Short/Spec. Team situations only makes you wonder if the coaches are considering having him replace Schilling @ LG next year.

He's just so big and massive, it would be nice to have him on the field since he's not going anywhere with MM in front of him in the 3-3-5 at least for another year. Just a very tantalizing thought with him sitting in between Molk and Lewan on the left side, with Patrick & Schofield on the right side...could be a damn good O-Line.




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Roh is a linebacker/rush end.

Van Bergen is much better at end than at tackle.

Martin can only play one position at a time.

Black is an end who is getting only spot duty so far.

Ash and Talbott are both redshirting and thus completely unproven.

Paskorz is as above, but an end as opposed to a tackle.


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It's called a Jumbo package and it's to get your heaviest players on the field in goal line situations.  The fact that you don't know why that question is awful just proves my initial point.  Look at the back ups we have on our offensive line along the projected in-coming OLinemen and you will have the answer.

da shiz

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No, unlike the past few years, we have plenty of depth at o-line. Remember B.Graham didnt start becoming the destroyer of worlds until his junior year. Give Campbell some time


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I don't know, the thing we keep hearing about him is he's lacking in technique as a DT, I think going to a new position wouldn't be good for that if it takes him awhile to pick up technique. I still think ideally he picks up the NT position enough to be a positive there so Martin can move to a DE spot where he could be more disruptive.


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Campbell will be fine.  It sometimes takes big guys who dominated HS because they were 50 lbs heavier than everyone else more time to play well as they learn techniques and skills that were not necessary earlier.  Putting him on the oline would simply retard his maturation even more.

Sextus Empiricus

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and probably will until he can win a spot on D.

I haven't looked at the whole game wrt to his play at NT, but he didn't appear to get blown off the ball once and batted a ball.

Martin will make more money waiting on the NFL IMO.  It would suck to go without him next year.  He is the soul of the DL.  RVB  has not progressed as much as I had hoped to this point...we will need Campbell next year big time on the DL.  Patterson is better for the time being.


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Why is everyone so eager to have WC play? Is it because he was a 5* when we recruited him? Is it because he is HUGE? Look around campus. There are plenty of huge people who are not capable of playing D1 football. The problem is that just because you are large, doesn't make you good. Techinque is important and so is work ethic. Trust me, if Big WC was the best player, he would be playing. You don't play because you're the biggest, you play because you're the best.


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Cut the guy some slack. He is thinking and Campbell has been a disappointment in his current spot. Huge. No way around it.

Outside of Brian, I have seen maybe a half dozen guys on here who really really  know football.  Those guys make good points without ridicule. One them gave an example of how to do that on this very thread. They don't show off or smart off to pump themselves up.

But I have seen dozens who think they know everything and can't wait to shove it up everyone's kiester by  treating people like dirt. 

This is a great blog with an unfortunate large number of smart asses stinking it up. 


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They actually said when he was being recruited that he would be a killer on OL. Sam Webb use to say it all the time, about how he is good on DL BUT if he were to go to college as an OL he would be a beast