Will Campbell arrested. For sliding over the hood of a car.

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Felony and misdemeanor vandalism. Panic? Yeah, panic.

EDIT: He was only arraigned based on an April 7th incident. So, if the coaches know about it and allowed him to go to SEAL training, it might not be complete DOOM. Nevertheless, remain braced for panic. Just remember: in case of emergency, your recruiting seatbelt can be used as a safety device.

EDIT II: They've updated the story. It appears that he was arrested for sliding on the hood of a car which damaged the hood of the car because Will Campbell is a giant human being. So, to summarize: 1) Probably not a big deal. 2) Ann Arbor police and prosecutors suck, and 3) nothing good ever happens after midnight.



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Only our safeties or undersized receivers should be permitted to attempt such stunts, not defensive linemen. The more svelte guys would either clear the car in a single leap or otherwise bounce off with no damage to the car.


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Hoke is going to ultimately deal with this more harshly then a lot of what I am reading on here. Will is not of legal drinking age. That's the first problem and it is no small thing.

I wouldn't be surprised to see him not make that Dallas trip or worse.


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this is not as serious as most of you think. he is a great guy. and if was and of you "normal" people, this wouldn't be an issue. its only because he plays football at a big ten school. and for all you people calling him lazy. please get your a** in there and let me laugh at you when you start puking. How dare you sit here and make fun of him. 90% of us can sit here and admit to doing something dumb being drunk but luckily for us, we didnt play uofm football, or even better, didn't get caught. Unfortunately for him it was the wrong place at the wrong time. So stop making judgement. Half of you have probably done worse........


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To be fair, since I'm a "Law and Order" (not the show) type of guy, anyone would pretty upset to find their car with (presumably) more than $1,000 worth of damage done to it. Obviously, some sort of restitution is justified; maybe even a misdemeanor, but not the felony charge. And it wasn't "wrong place wrong time", people have to take responsibility for their actions, if the police didn't make the stop, who do you think would be paying for the hood? I think a fair judgment would be a slap on the wrist, an apology and payment for repairs, and a serious amount of running (from the football team), and maybe through in one of those "don't-screw-up-again-or-you-are-really-screwed" probations.


Mr. Yost

June 1st, 2012 at 8:35 AM ^

When you play football at the University of Michigan...you're not NORMAL PEOPLE.

Don't compare him to you or I, he's held to a higher standard.

You really think Coach Hoke sits in his office and goes? You know what Daryl...you know what Will? This is pretty standard compared to normal people...you're free to go.

Coach Hoke holds them to a higher standard each and every day. It's privilege to play football at the University of Michigan.

Now is this story overblown and dumb? Yes. But it's not because if a normal person did it, then it wouldn't be an issue.

Normal people aren't 315 lbs...normal people can slide across cars without risking as much damage. More importantly, normal people don't play football at the University of Michigan.

Again, the incident is silly...no question, but it's not silly because we're holding him to the "normal people standard." 


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Just for sliding over the hood of a car? Something that every kid ever has done at some point in their life. I'm sorry to do it but, if that's all that happened: racism.


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Probably. My statement was entirely conditional.


It's just based on a lot of personal experiences.....

I did something like this college and a cop saw it = verbal warning and GTFO out of here kid

Black friends do something like this in college and a cop saw it =  Cop calls him over, asks for ID, asks if he has any drugs on him, asks what he's doing here, (categorically across the board this would happen). On occasion it would be, "put your hands on the hood of the car," pat down, followed by making them sit in the back of the car while they run a check to see if they have any outstanding warrants out for their arrest. 

So yeah, it is a race thing. If you have any African american friends, ask them about it.


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I hope Hoke doesn't hold him out of the Women's Football Academy (I know this could be interpreted as sarcasm but I have been looking forward to lunch with BWC. I wanted to see how much he consumes at one meal).


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Hoke will mete out a punishment that reflects the edict of accountability, respectability and demanding of Senior leadership.  I think there will be a pennance, but also believe Hoke will levy that punitive reaction within the context of criminal penalty and UM expectation.

Community service.

Lotsa laps.

No Team Captain designation.

Possible 1-3 game suspension.


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stunts similar to the ones portrayed in commercials and failed. I think BWC has a case against Wopat and Schneider.


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I think the conditioning BWC will receave from being in the dog house will serve him good. I'm looking forward to a 300lb BWC...A Leaner, Meaner, More disaplined BWC


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On my phone so can't link, but the wolverine nation article on espn leaves out the details of the alleged crime. The charges without the details sound far more malicious, terrible hack job by Rothstein Imo.

Sione's Flow

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Definitely  not the smartest thing for BWC to do, but the title of the article without the details makes it sound alot worse than it actually is.  Hopefully it'll all be cleared up by the time they head to Texas and BWC doesn't miss out on the opportunity to be a part of that game.  But I think Coach Hoke may keep him out of that game, just because he has to show the team that they have be accountable to each other.


June 1st, 2012 at 2:13 AM ^

I (somehow) remember trying to do this same thing during a Greenwood block party. The only difference is that BWC is 120 lbs heavier than I was and for that reason caused a little bit of damage. Obviously this is entirely accidental and should not be considered a  felony my any means. 


June 1st, 2012 at 12:41 PM ^

I know I might get flamed, but I am really not pleased with the Hoke regime's arrest record.

I know there are always unique circumstances, but it's adding up now:

Darryl Stonum-  After he got his 2nd DUI and 4th alcohol offense he should have been off the team, period, Hoke gave him another chance which he squandered leaving Hoke no choice but to boot him. 

Marvin Robinson was charged with a pretty serious crime, I don;t care if it was a misunderstanding, something was done wrong.

Jerald Robinson-  Not a huge deal, but it sets a pattern.

Josh Furman-  Deserved to be acquited, but he acted like an idiot and he put himself in the situation by his actions.

Will Campbell-  Drunk underage and out at 2 AM, this is not good, he did something stupid because he was drunk and out at 2 am. 

5 issues in several months, that is too much and Hoke has gone easy on these guys IMO, when does he make an example out of someone?  It seems Hoke has set a precedent that will be hard to stray from now.  How can he suspend the next guy who gets arrested when he's already set the standard for how criminal behavior will be handled?

I'm just not happy about all of this and expect a higher standard at Michigan.  It's not a crisis yet, but Hoke needs to move that precedent and line of accetable conduct or there is no reason why we wont see arrests regularly.  The program is more important than depth at D line and I would like to see Campbell be suspended for 3+ games.





June 1st, 2012 at 1:29 PM ^

You ask how can Hoke suspend the next guy, when your very first point is Stonum, who he suspended for the whole season. How you can ignore perhaps the toughest punishment I've ever seen a player get who isn't thrown off the team, and consider it light, I'm not sure.

Furman is a horrible example as he was found innocent. If the court couldn't come up with enough evidence to convict, how can you? Hoke can't stop 80 teenagers from putting themselves in situations. It's how he handles it when they do. And he was suspended for that time (which you say Hoke hasn't done) even though he was found innocent. And that's not tough enough?

Neither Marvin or Jerald Robinson cases have been finished. Marvin's case isn't until July.  As far as you know they might end up like Furman. But in any case you don't know what their status on the team has been. Depending on what they're convicted of, it could vary the punishment.

And Will Campbell who...being drunk underage and out at 2 am? If that's a problem, then convict 99% of all Michigan students, because you're living in another world. Doing something stupid? Yes. And he should be punished for it. And will be. But three games is ridiculous for the offense.  Frankly, unless Will was being a problem about it, it's something that never should have involved the courts. Personal citizens making restitution. I've been in similar situations, and that's how men handle it. I think you're just setting it up so you can be indignant when he's not suspended 3 games. Because that's never going to happen.

So in summary, we have one case where he was tougher than most other college coaches, another where he was tough on an innocent man for his "bad decision making", and three pending cases, one of which is almost comedic.  There are always going to be problems with 80-some 17-22 year olds. It's true if you play football or not. It's how you handle it when it happens.  And so far your claims on a lack of discipline when it happens rings hollow.



June 1st, 2012 at 2:12 PM ^

Stonum was on like his 5th strike when he was redshirted for 2011, I and a lot of other Michigan fans thought he should have been gone, but he was offered a redshirt so he could play in 2012 and essentially not miss a game in his career.  I also thought it was unacceptable that he traveled with the team to the Sugar Bowl.  Most other coaches would have booted him IMO

These kids aren't regular teenagers, they are B1G Football players at Michigan, I expect more from them and so should every Michigan fan.  Furman put himself in that situation, he was arrested and acquited, but not because he wasn't being a bonehead who put himself in a stupid situation.

I understand that outside of Stonum and maybe Marvin Robinson these don't seem like serious issues, but it's quite a few arrests for one program to have in such a short time and it's way beyond what I expect at Michigan.


June 1st, 2012 at 2:32 PM ^

He only would have been redshirted if he complied with all the restrictions he had been given. He didn't. So he in fact missed his whole senior season of games. Which could have cost him a chance at the NFL. And while it was a multiple offense, it was the first under Hoke, and Hoke had the right to see if he could do a better job of getting to the kid. He also harshly punished him, while giving him a zero tolerance policy. When he violated it, he was gone.

If you think any other coach would have done it, I give you Floyd; Notre Dame; Kelly. Maybe the grand total of Floyd's offenses weren't as great, but his punishment was far, far less.  If you're looking to follow a program where no one ever gets into trouble and people are cut for the first offense, then you might as well stop watching, because you're wrong, there are no programs who will do that.  As soon as you get the reputation that you're going to throw away your kid's the first time they slip up, no one is going to send you their kid's anymore. So your expectations aren't realistic, and prepare to be disappointed. Luckily, you're not our coach.

You can say they shouldn't be teenagers because they are honored with a scholarship, but that isn't going to change their age. It's just not how it works. There should be consequences for actions, and so far there has been. If you're going to start punishing kids for being boneheads (not criminally bone-headed, just bone-headed, as you state) then punish everyone. There's a line, and you don't seem to be able to see it. The difference between something you'd rather a kid not do, like burn a letter and tweet it, and tweet a death threat or a bounty. You want to treat them as the same. They're not. And you continue to ignore that Furman WAS suspended for what amounted to him putting himself in a bad situation, but doing nothing actually wrong. And you don't think that's harsh enough!

If you actually checked and measured it, I doubt the arrest rate is any higher than it was under Rich, or Lloyd, or Bo.  Maybe you hear about it more because of the Internet and 24 hour news cycle. So I don't really get where you're coming from. If you want perfect students 6 days of the week who perform like dancing monkeys for you on Saturday and win every game by 3 touchdowns so you're never disappointed, that's fine. But you better find something other than "human beings" to play these games. All you can ask is we try and recruit high character kids, give them guidance, punish them if the screw up, and try and give them more guidance, and if they do something seriously bad, tell them they no longer have the right to represent the team.


June 2nd, 2012 at 10:49 AM ^

The most disturbing part of all of this is all of the excuses from our fans and alumni.  5 kids have been arrested in the last 6 months, sure each circumstance is unique, but we sound like Ohio or Sparty fans with all of the excuses.  Every time one of their players gets arrested there are circumstances too.  I don't want to hear about it, Michigan is supposed to be better than that and it's totally unacceptable to have our players involved with the law this frequently no matter what the circumstances.  You know why?  Because Michigan has an image that it is different and regardless of the circumstances that image is tarnished nationwide by so many run ins with the law, people aren't going to remember circumstances, only that Michigan is having players arrested quite often right now.

I'm not ready to judge Hoke poorly, but to deny that this isn't an issue is not up to our standards.  Now maybe this was a blip and we don't have any more issues the next year, that is ideal.  Now if we have a few more guys arrested over the rest of the year, I think that Hoke would owe an explanation.  I don't care if he wins every game, there are things more important than winning games at Michigan. 


June 2nd, 2012 at 12:00 PM ^

"MORAL OUTRAGE!!!" to make themselves feel better than others, while failing to show the intelligence to be able to nuance the difference between being acquitted for something, and being convicted for say, putting someone in the hospital. That's moral equivalency and standards I bet you don't hold yourself to. Luckily for everyone you don't get to set the "standards of Michigan Football", and likely have had no involvement in it beyond buying a ticket and bitching about the results.

And if you've actually read this blog you should know that saying "UNACCEPTABLE" pretty much labels you as a reactionary loon.


June 2nd, 2012 at 3:29 PM ^

If that's your attitude, fine, but don't try to act like Michigan is different the next time one of our rivals has a run of trouble with their players and the police.  If you're an example, Michigan fans no longer care about stuff like arrest records.  You sound exactly like my co-worker who graduated from Ohio.  Everyone critical of their arrests is being reactionary too and each case has to be looked at giving the kids the benefit of the doubt too.  She cannot accept that kids are getting arrested and it's a problem regardless of how innocent each one might be.


June 2nd, 2012 at 11:09 PM ^

To see the difference between assaulting someone, or raid groups, and sliding over a car in a silly stunt. You obviously can't. I also won't get upset if a Spartan gets a minor in possession, or think that whatever minor trouble this latest Buckeye got in is a big dea or worth a post todayl. You just revealed your true colors, you don't really care, you just want to lord it over you co-workers from other schools. And the facts don't fit into your snarky two second sound bytes. Sadly your Ohio co-worker sounds smarter than you are, because she seems to actually care about guilt or innocence more than the arrest. You seem to have convicted people not only before they're proven guilty, but even after their acquitted. People are given the benefit of the doubt because it's still innocent until proven guilty. The police aren't always right. Might want to brush up on some of that; I'd start with the Constitution.

I've been in the Michigan group of fans that care about Michigan doing things the right way intimately; and I've delt with fans like you forever. You want a zero tolerance policy for Michigan that never was, and won't work. Go back and look at Bo's players, during and after their careers. They weren't in any less (or more) trouble than now. You just like to imagine it because you get your sense of superiority over others from accomplishments you had nothing to do with. And standards that 90% of the people who complain about them don't hold themselves to. Frankly, your last sentence tells me how out of touch your are. Find another hobby. You'll be happier, and they don't need fans like you.


June 1st, 2012 at 3:07 PM ^

Correct me if I'm wrong, but a redshirt isn't something bestowed by the coach, eligibility is determined by seasons played or not. It's not possible to suspend someone for a whole season and also burn a year of their eligibility at the same time as far as I know.

Also, your assertion that Hoke is soft on discipline and contigent on team needs on the field is ridiculous