Will Campbell arrested. For sliding over the hood of a car.

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Felony and misdemeanor vandalism. Panic? Yeah, panic.

EDIT: He was only arraigned based on an April 7th incident. So, if the coaches know about it and allowed him to go to SEAL training, it might not be complete DOOM. Nevertheless, remain braced for panic. Just remember: in case of emergency, your recruiting seatbelt can be used as a safety device.

EDIT II: They've updated the story. It appears that he was arrested for sliding on the hood of a car which damaged the hood of the car because Will Campbell is a giant human being. So, to summarize: 1) Probably not a big deal. 2) Ann Arbor police and prosecutors suck, and 3) nothing good ever happens after midnight.



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After reading the article, this seems like something that could be worked out by BWC paying to fix the car he damaged.  That would make it right, no?

Leaders And Best

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but I have a feeling this will turn out to be a minor offense and misdemeanor at best like his attorney said similar to the Jerald Robinson vs. parking gate affair.  Vandalism on a college campus sounds probably more like a college prank/mistake gone wrong than a truly heinous crime like assault, larceny, or DWI.

Scholarship football players probably need to know they are under the spotlight and more scrutiny than normal college students, but kids will be kids.


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Even though the defense attorney stated that he sees this as a misdemeanor at worst, I imagine that there still may be a suspension involved. Considering that it seems like BWC has been making great progress, news like this is dispiriting to me.

I do have faith, however, that this staff will have the appropriate discussion with Campbell regardless of how this turns out from a legal standpoint and they will give him every opportunity to learn from it and even grow because of it. If it involves missed time, then hopefully BWC uses such time to reflect.


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I was actually in the process of revising a bit, but in summary of what I was going to finally say...

I really hope there isn't one, but I imagine much depends on the outcome. If the defense attorney is correct and ends up being much less than it appears in the article, then I doubt there would be.

Considering that the AnnArbor.com article was just update to read that he slid across a hood, then this is like a gentle breeze and best and hopefully exits quickly.

Smash Lampjaw

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Home confinement (with academic credit), suspension while the team is not practicing, and benched through the kick-off of the Alabama game! Tough love.


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This is not an assault charge.  He slid his fat body over the hood of a car.  I don't see how that warrants more than a 1-3 game suspension. 


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cost more than $1000? The owner should have BWC pay to fix the damages and take care of this in the civil context. It's not cool to do this to somoene's car, not matter if you are 132 or 332lbs, but in Fulmer Cup points, this is not a big deal. 



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BWC has really stacked the deck against himself. I know he didn't exactly win the lottery as far as defensive coaches go his first few years but dang!! I hope this is his last hurdle before embarking on at least an average senior season. He seems like a really good guy and I imagine this amounts to standard college guy drunk behaviour.


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The whole stuff about seatbelts in the OP seems much more appropriate now.

Only a 322 pound guy can make sliding accross a hood of a car expensive enough to be a felony.


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If he actually had the coordination to get all 320 lbs into an actual attempt of a slide on the hood of a car he couldn't have been to intoxicated.

Drunk enough to do something stupid thinking its a great idea, but not drunk enough to fail miserable in the process.


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That is it?! For a second I thought he maybe stole laptops from DPS, got a DUI multiple times, got into a fight with a fraternity at a hotel, sold mechandise to a tattoo artist in exchange for free tattoos, covered up a decade long pedophile affiliated with the university who molested boys in campus facilities or something.





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Some of those cops have nothing better to do... I got 3 open intox's while at UM because the cops would hide behind the trees on our street and wait for us to cross the street between house parties.


I really would not have lasted a year as a football player... and I considered myself a normal college student.

Victor Hale II

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I can't help but wonder about the Photoshop or GIF potential here.  Surely there is enough skill and creative genius among the members here to conjure something up.  For some reason, I am envisioning the cover of the movie "Boyz N The Hood" being GIF-crashed or photobombed by BWC.  Anyone?


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now that the A2 police are cracking down on car hood sliders. It's been a real worry to us over on the west side of town; most of us are staying up late with shotguns and baseball bats, ready to defend our car hoods from marauding would-be sliders.


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You know a lot about his weight room numbers, huh?  Please, share with us.  Also, when you say he can barely bench his body weight, are you saying he can barely put up 322lb once, or he can barely rep at 322?  Or are you making a bold statement off of one tweet you read out of context?

Oh, the latter?  Thought so.  Don't be a dick.


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His one rep max is 370..not great for a 330 pound dude. Hey I hope he has a great year, but if people are actually expecting that, well I'm pretty dumbfounded as to why. What has he shown to suggest he's going to be anything more than a serviceable DT? I agree that it would suck for him to be suspended just because we need depth at that position, but people need to accept that this kid isn't the monster we all thought coming out of high school.


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And he should of course make restitution for every penny the repairs cost. But unless he bellowed "Imma gonna fuck that hood up!" before he slid over it, the word malicious seems ridiculously inappropriate here. If Will Campbell truly wanted to act maliciously toward a car, it would end up with far more than a dented hood.

I guess since the prosecutors struck out with Josh Furman, they figured they might as well try again with another player.


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He'll play come the 1st of September.  Maybe some harsh summer workouts, nothing more.  It sucks for the person whose car was, I can only imagine destroyed, no doubt, but they'll survive and so will Big Will's Michigan football career.