Will Brandon Address Morris Topic?

Submitted by davidhm on September 28th, 2014 at 5:36 PM

In the wake of yesterday's fiasco, we've obviously heard from Coach Hoke. However, we've not heard from Dave Brandon.  I didn't expect him to necessarily hold a press conference, but I did expect him to release a statement.  

While most are calling for a press conference to announce the firing of Hoke on Monday - which I would not be against - what are the chances we get a statement/release from Brandon on Monday to address the issue with Morris' playing while visibly injured?  

I personally do not expect anything on Monday, but I do expect the silence to reach "deafening" proportions by weeks end and Brandon will have to take to the podium or at least grant an interview with a loal journalist.  Especially as more local journalists criticize Hoke's player management and safety. 



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Hoke will have to spend his press conference talking about it on Monday (12:30pm) so I think that would cover most of the official stance on the issue.


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This. By now, if not Hoke himself, then someone will have realized how woefully inadequate the post game response was. They have one chance to regain the narrative and I hope they come clean on the entire sequence of events, including Morris's point of view, Nuss's point of view, Paul Schmidt's (Athletic Trainer) point of view, etc. This may or may not be as big of a deal as people are making it to be, but the lack of a real answer from the guys involved have let the public fill in the blanks with the worst case scenario. 


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Actually the chance to regain the narrative is the sunday night interview with Hoke that is posted on mgoblue.com early Monday mornings. That is their writer doing it so the questions can be carefully constructed to deliver the exact message they want to deliver. Last week he went over the 10 man punt in detail in this location. That is why there werent many questions on the 10 man punt at the Monday presser because it had been addressed in detail on the website.


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Even if it's woefully inadequate, Hoke can just Hoketalk the answer.  Or avoid it all together.  "I've already answered that question."  Boom.  He knows he's in deep now.  It's not good.  He essentially has to win out to keep his job.  And blow out a team in the bowl game.  But Michigan can't score 17 points against any team that doesn't suck.  And there aren't enough sucky teams left on the schedule to get to 6 wins.

Wolverine Devotee

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The only time I wanna hear or read anything that idiot says is when he announces in his final Brandon's Blog on MGoBlue.com that he's taking his talents to South Beach to go clean toilets for Stephen Ross. 


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Brandon won't address it and my guess is no reporter will even address it during Hoke's next presser.
"Did you have a good practice Brady? Are the kids practicing hard?"
"Gosh yes-thanks for asking -they are having a wonderful week of practice."


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It almost seems that, at this point, the entire adminstration has gone into bunker mode, so while something really needs to be said about this, in my opinion, I would be shocked if there was a meaningful statement addressing this right now. It is a terrible lapse in judgment, but I have to think that the posture of this AD, and by extension, this staff prevents them from trying to make any public amends for this outside of some carefully crafted statement, though it isn't as if they really could do much to spin things their way regardless.


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for sure.  it would show even more negligence if they didn't.  i guarantee you there has been meetings between the coaches, AD and admin to discuss a response and ensure all are on the same page.  i would also bet my left nut that the coaches will discuss the planned response with the players in their team meetings.

Bando Calrissian

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I couldn't care less about hearing from this idiot unless it's about how he is resigning due to his incompetent buffoonery supporting an incompetent buffoon. I want to hear from President Schlissel and the regents. Enough is enough.

Ben v2

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Dave:  Here is an example of how you should write your Press Release.


The Michigan Athletic Department and Football Program places utmost emphasis on player safety and long term well being.  Head injuries, in particular, are emphaized due to potential ramifications.  To that end, I consulted with our neurologist, training staff, and coaching staff, and refine our framework to foursimple tenets.

1. Team neurologist needs to be on the sidelines and be visible to the head trainer / head coach at all times.

2. Whenever a player is suspected to have suffered a concussion, the head trainer and neurologist need to have the ability to overrule the head coach and stop action immediately.

3. The trainer needs to control the impacted player's helmet indefinitely until the player passes all protocols.

4. The head coach, who has ultimate authority of the sidelines during a game, should be suspended for two games starting the following week if any of the above three rules are violated.

During the Saturday contest, an unfortunate incident happened between the Minnesota Golden Gophers and Shane Morris, our quarterback.  Our investigations have identified a number of actions inconsistent to the application of rules #1 to #3 as stated above.  Therefore, the athletic department has suspended Head Coach Brady Hoke for two games starting on Oct 4th against Rutgers.  During his suspension, Coach Hoke will not have any contact with the team during the contest and will not participate in practice.

The Michigan Athletic Department aims to keep our players as safe as possible, and we have every reason to believe that this incident will strengthen our protocols and call for the proper handling of such incidents in the future.