Why you should stand and yell...

Submitted by UMxWolverines on September 23rd, 2009 at 3:25 PM

why wouldn't any michigan fan want michigan stadium sound like this? go to 3:00 for what it sounds like on 3rd down! crazy!



September 23rd, 2009 at 3:32 PM ^

Different video feed and mic input at the 3:00 mark. It goes from the ABC feed to CUTigers.com feed. Hence it sounds a heck of a lot different.

However, your point still stands, it would be fantastic if Michigan stadium was that loud.


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OH my gosh, cheese and rice. Can these post please stop. Suprise some people don't have the exact same view about this you do. Let it go. Some people who don't stand and scream the entire game, have been doing exactly what the are doing for the last 60 years. Some people like to sit, make noise on big plays and 3rd down. Let them be, don't be a dick to them.


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my grandfather has worked at the entrance (on the 50 - above the tunnel) for 64 years now...

He has NEVER heard it any louder than it is this year. He says he may not be able to handle the osu game with the intensity/volume that he speculates will be present.

He also claims the sections around him have been more active as well with people getting into the game more. Some angled glass and winning atmosphere goes a long way.


September 23rd, 2009 at 4:02 PM ^

when I was being shushed by posters in favor of U of M Stadium being "College Football's Wimbledon".

I had to take a sabbatical when I heard that. Glad to hear other people who want to help make our House a bit more imposing than Wimbledon.


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Assuming that you've convinced me w/r/t to yelling, I fail to see where standing enters your argument. May I not sit and yell to achieve your desired effect?


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It's actually really valid. People assume there are only two options: Stand and yell; sit and clap. They're not mutually exclusive.

The biggest complaint by the blue-hairs is "Down in front!"
The ubiquitous response by the damn hoodlums is "But we need to be loud!"

Much (not all, of course) of the argument is just people talking past each other.


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bcsblue you say stop being a dick to the people who sit. What about the people who sit being a dick to the people who like to stand. I don't go looking to be an asshole when I go to a game and haven't except one time. But 99 percent of the time I get someone yelling at me to sit down being a huge prick when asking. Not asking in a very polite way. Thats when i either ignore them or say well if you'da asked my politely then maybe i would have. We all know not everyone is going to stand the whole game. The best thing they could do would be to designate sections as to being a standing or sitting, although it will probably never happen. All I can say is if there ever is a night game at the big house theres not a chance i will be sitting down.

Section 1

September 24th, 2009 at 12:28 AM ^

But if you are blocking my view, and the view of others, and if there is no one standing in front of you, and you won't sit down, and if you do it long enough, then I'll ask the ushers to call the police.

I guarantee that the police will come, if the ushers call. And if I have a dozen or so people around me all saying that you had acted like a jerk, blocking ther view, the police will take you out.

That almost never happens in my Section, and I am glad that it doesn't. I am there to enjoy a game, not to get into altercations.

But if this became anything like a regular occurrence, I'd make certain that I figured out exactly which seats you were in. And I'd make a point of reporting anyone who was regularly the subject of game-day police removal(s) to the Michigan Athletic Department, and I'd ask that they give consideration to removing, or moving, that season ticket holder.


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These posts do get annoying after awhile. You post somethign on noise every week.

Another thing, if you want people to stand up and yell, don't post it on here.. Most people are younger and midage on this blog, which means they most likely do make noise. Its the elderly who don't, make a board up and go to the game(older people rarely use online)

Write whatever you want facing the field, on the other side facing people behind you, say something like" I don't sit down bc I don't want buttlock, you should do- It works"