Why we went for 2

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Despite being down by 19 points heading into the locker room at halftime, a swarm of Rutgers players decided to use it as a reason to talk smack to Wolverines' players heading into the tunnel and it fired up not only the players, but head coach Jim Harbaugh as well.

"Coach was kind of mad because those guys were excited being down 19 at half and they were celebrating," cornerback Jourdan Lewis said. "He wanted to put points up on the board and make sure we established our dominance over them. They were celebrating and coach was pretty mad about that. I can't really repeat what he said at halftime (laughs), but it was a lot. He wanted to bring that fire back in the second half and finish them off."




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Yes. Brady Hoke clapped and shook hands with opposing coaches when he should've been firing up his team. WE GET IT! That was his "thing" and obviously it didn't do anything to motivate our team. 

He also wasn't a great coach and when his results on the field showed this, he was promptly removed of his duties. Our team is 7-2 and looking primed for a big run late in November.

Post what you want, folks but maybe now is a good time to leave that era behind us?


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I would say Hoke left this team in a better position at every spot on the roster with the exception of QB and maybe RB but that's debatable. Our WR's are fine, 2012 and 2014 were good classes and 2013 sucked but we knew that at the time. That year was Treadwell or bust and we busted big time. That 2011 team doesn't go 11-2 under RR because Brady Hoke and his defensive staff took the worst defense in school history and turned it into a top 20 unit. Yeah most of his offensive staff sucked and his QB recruiting was abysmal but let's not act like Tom Crean with the "you helped wreck our program" bit. I mean If you read "Endzone," then you know Football wasn't the only sport to decline under the reign of Brandon. People can lambast him all they want but he recruited his ass off and in his own way helped bring in Harbaugh, which Harbaugh. Harbaugh is probably the only coach we could have gotten to compete with Meyer at Ohio State and while he probably should have been hired in 2008 and in 2011, I'll take NFL experienced and jaded Harbaugh. So basically all is well that ends well.

Year of Revenge II

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Then YOU love on him then. I don't see why I need to.

Brandon, who brought in the clapper, and Hoke certainly left the program in a terrible mess, which is why they lost their jobs---late, IMO. Hoke was a decent recruiter, and well-liked, but was dreadfully overmatched by the job.

Like the others, I am so very grateful to watch an excellent coach, staff, fiery competitors, and a well-prepared team on Saturdays. It feels good to bring up the past because it feels so good to not BE the past.


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Maybe that was the reason they went for 2.

More likely: Being up/down 25 is no different than being up/down 26.   Therefore you go for two to get up 27.

25 < 8 + 8 + 8 + 3

26 < 8 + 8 + 8 + 3

27 = 8 + 8 + 8 + 3

Just following the chart.


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Is it really a weird time?  Honest question.

I think that's exactly the time you'd be figuring out how to use the chart to your advantage. If you have a 20+ lead in the 4th Q, it doesn't matter what you do.  However, with almost a full half left in the game, you can go for 2 to ensure that it would take 4 TDs (and no scores of your own) to beat you.

Seems like that's exactly the time to take the risk to get up 27 instead of 26.


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It is on next year against MSU. If he is this much fired up about Rutgers, he is going to be even more fired up against MSU next year. We saw what Harbaugh can do with Rudock. I am expecting a great QB play next year and beat them down.

Rutgers is going to be killed year after year.