Why USC Got Hammered

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Our cousins in East Lansing like to talk about Michigan arrogance and they're probably not completely wrong about that.  Maybe we do exhibit a little too much cockiness from time to time.  On the other hand, we're pretty good about acknowledging our shortcomings and doing the right thing (witness the University's reaction to practicegate).  It's part of the Michigan ethos.

Contrast that attitude with USC's reaction to the NCAA's sanctions.  Mike Garrett and Lane Kiffin are openly defiant and dismissive.  We now know that their defense was essentially "How could we have known?"  Well, they're sticking with it.  And it's truly amazing to watch.

Hundreds of miles away from Heritage Hall and only a few hours after the release of an NCAA report that spelled out major penalties for USC, athletic director Mike Garrett broke his silence on the matter by telling a group of the school’s sports boosters that the report was “nothing but a lot of envy.”

“As I read the decision by the NCAA, all I could get out of all of this was … I read between the lines and there was nothing but a lot of envy, and they wish they all were Trojans,” Garrett said to cheers Thursday night at the San Francisco Airport Marriott.


Declaring that “we can still split a national championship if we win all our games,” Kiffin also indicated he was heartened to learn 56 of his players appeared this morning for a voluntary 7 a.m. workout.

“Regardless of what happens in that appeal, we know this: SC is more powerful than anything else,” Kiffin said. “The university, the football program, the basketball program -- no matter what they try to do to us, it won’t matter.”

There's more where that came from.  Read it and shake your head.  These are the faces of truly major violations.




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Say what you want about Michigan, but at least we manned up and took responsibility for our faults, no matter how trivial they seem.

These guys are delusional and borderline nuts.


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the NCAA was fricking pissed when they hired Kiffin. There was a quote in one of the articles I read yesterday (sorry can't remember which one) from ex NCAA committee guy (anonymous, so yeah ...) who said he suspected that no one on the current infractions committee would admit as much publicly but that Kiffin's hiring could not have gone over well.

The fact that Mike Garrett is still employed the by university is truly puzzling, as well. It's as almost as if the university was daring the NCAA to do something, calling what they thought was a bluff.  And that McNair is still a member of the staff is still more evidence they are in total defiant mode.

Several people on these boards mentioned it yesterday.  A bit more humility, a bit of house cleaning, etc would have probably gone a long way with the committee. They rolled the dice, and now they have the gall to say they're shocked and appalled. Whatever.


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say what you want about RR, i am just glad he doesn't wear a visor.  i can't think of one person i want to hear talk for more than 5 minutes that regularly wears a visor.  i think visors all come with a blue tooth earpiece and pleated dockers. people who wear visors routinely tell you all about the time "on the 14th, where it doglegs and they were able to slice a drive right over that sandtrap and get a roll for another 20 yards."


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The only possible exception being the green accounting visor, especially at a poker game.

One of my favorite things in sports is when Steve Spurrier whines and throws his visor on the ground. Always a classic.


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this reaction from USC. Can you imagine a humble, honest investigation into any wrongdoing  from this "they wish they all were Trojans" culture? Let alone any accountability. The arrogance and showmanship is a given and no one should be surprised.

I wish they would have thrown in a TV ban. Now that would have hurt.


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i watched kiffin's response on espn and he basically dismissed the penalties. usc is more powerful than the ncaa. i also listened to herbstreit's take on bush and the heisman....pti guys were saying that he earned it on the field and didn't think they should strip him of heisman.....but herbsteit's analysis changed my view- how would you feel if you were a teammate on the 04/05 team, did everything by the book, won a national championship, and now it's stripped away because a guy on the team was selfish and greedy. yeah.......i think bush should lose heisman.


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If I were the University President, I'd tell my AD and coaches to keep their @#$%ing mouths shut. Because of their obvious lack of contrition and even outright defiance, media outlets (particularly folks like Yahoo! Sports) and the NCAA are going to be watching for any mere appearance of impropriety. They're not doing themselves any favors with this showboating.


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Look I'm not sure when Lane Kiffdick became Bill Walsh or Jimmy Johnson or another great college /NFL type guy but to me the guy has done dick as a coach.

Sure he won a National Title with Sneaky Pete but on his own he has done nothing.  He no doubt knew what was going on with Reggie Bush and I'm sure he was one of the guys paying with the school's money for Reggie Bush to party like a rock start.


I read this on ESPN this morning and I dislike him even more and the Dbag AD is really a tool. Everyone wants to be me kind of talk , I'm a big deal look at me...

Michigan has been pulled through the mud for years now over complete BS and this team actually played out the movie Blue Chips and they are going beat their chests and say bring it on?

Yinka Double Dare

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The way they are acting, I'm really glad they're appealing.  Would be hilarious if the NCAA came back with "well, you obviously aren't learning the lesson given your actions, so we've reconsidered our not giving you a TV ban -- enjoy playing in front of 20,000 people (since your fans are all bandwagon jumpers who won't show up now) with no one else seeing your games"


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I've got a great example of this. I'm friends with a hot USC chicken head that has this as her fbook status:


"is a proud trojan and would rather have gone to USC under any conditions over some hick school. it's lonely at the top - fight on, as usual."


This is mainly a response to some obnoxious OSU dickhead that continues to rip on USC on his facebook status which entertains me. God I hope USC goes 6-6 the next 5 years.


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My understanding is those comments were made at a pre-scheduled appearance at a booster funcion in the Bay Area.  Not that they make any sense to thumb your nose at the NCAA before you appeal, BUT, I'm sure there is something to attempting to be 'confident and proud' in front of the people you are attempting to solicit money from.

I'm also sure the USC boosters are a little bit diff. than UofM boosters.