Why-O-why-O-why-O? Why did I leave O-hio? Answer here (OT):

Submitted by michelin on November 10th, 2009 at 2:04 PM

Rarely do I agree with Tressel, but IMO he was right about the complaining OSU fans being unhappy people, That opinion, in fact, fits with a recent survey of well-being comparing Ohio with the other states. Ohio has the 4th worst rank in the US (to be fair, MI not great either but is 6 places better than Ohio).

According to the survey's questions, Ohio’s full of depressed, fat, sedentary smokers who are poor, ignorant, and hate their jobs (when they have jobs).




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Hey, it's great to see that the Keebler Elf finally got lucky. Maybe now he can turn his attention back to making better cookies.


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I got lucky and got a job offer at Harvard..but like they say..timing’s everything.. the job market was much different then. If it were like now, I’d probably be singing a different tune…
Like O-why-O-why-why-O? Why do-I-wish-I-could -leave Ohio?

So I know well how you feel. But I am concerned, judging from your Socratic name,that to you , “the unexamined life is not worth living.” In my experience, however, when living in Ohio, ignorance is bliss--it’s often good to put on the blinders…
My survival tools:
1.use local newspapers only to wrap fish…
2.turn on the radio only when vacuuming
3. wear blue-tinted sunglasses that block out scarlet or at least turn scarlet into purple, so you think you’re surrounded by Northwestern fans
4.above all, do not go to sports bars…but if all else fails, follow the Wisdom of your post-Socratic followers: eg

Said Aristotle unto Plato,
“Have another sweet potato?"
Said Plato unto Aristotle:
"Thank you. I prefer the bottle.”

Since you brew beer, I guess you've already found that remedy.