Why no Offer for Mahone?

Submitted by jbibiza on April 27th, 2011 at 10:18 AM

I just watched the extended highlights of William Mahone (linked below) and cannot understand why we have not offered this kid.  He shows offers from ND. PSU, MSU, Iowa and a slew of others and when you see the tape you will understand why.  There is some question about his speed at combines, but he certainly has more than adequate football speed.  I know that RB is not a position of dire need (like DT!) but as Hoke says he will always take at least one each year then I would be happy with William Mahone.  Check it out:





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From what I understand, he wants a UM offer as a RB.  But UM sees him as a safety, which he is not interested in. If Mahone is interested in being a safety, he could see an offer. 


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Wow, I'm not gonna question the staff on why they don't think he could be a RB. But his film is very impressive and it looks like, at least to me, hes got all the neccessary skills to be a Division 1 RB. I hope they come around to offering him has a RB eventually.


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I would rather swing (even if we end up most likely missing) for the fences. Mahone is not a priority given the situation this year.

We could use that schollie on an OL/DL.


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I trust the new staff to do their due diligence.  I would imagine that either an offer is in the works, or that the staff feels he isn't the kind of person they are looking for.  There are a lot of things that have me worried about this year, but the staff's ability to identify who they are looking for and to convince them to attend the University of Michigan is not one of them. 

I Bleed Maize …

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I have  been wondering the same thing about Shell.  He's probably the best back in the whole midwest.  Has good size, speed and power.  He's probably going to finish as the all-time leading rusher in Pennsylvaina history and we haven't even threw a bone at the kid.  I don't think he's going to Pitt.  Penn State seems more likely right now. And he was also high on Ohio State.  I would prefer him over all the other RB's offered so far.  He's put up better numbers than Garmon and plays in a much tougher division.


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The kid does have some talent. However, the staff seems intent on Brionte Dunn. In comparison (from someone who will not pretend to know anything about football), Dunn seems to be a little bit more of a run between the tackles kind of guy whereas Mahone looks better in space. I wouldn't be disappointed to see Mahone in this class, but I trust this staff.

Sextus Empiricus

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field accomplishment to consider for both the players and the coaching staff.

We've offered 11 RBs and 5 Safeties?  You have to look at who is interested in you as well.  Mahone was here on campus last summer for an Elite camp.  At the time it was mentioned on this blog that he came away impressed.

There's about 20 kids that I kind of go hmmm...when I don't see an offer yet.  I've said this before but why haven't we offered McGowan @ guard - he's a stud with good grades and Michigan interest.  Then you hear real insight like Sam Webb gave on some of the 5*  recruits a couple days ago.  They are working it out.  Not all kids are possible.  Few options are being neglected IMO - but maybe this is one of them.  I don't see Mahone crying out his disappointment - which makes me think there is more going on.   Clearly he is going to be a star wherever he goes.