Why Michigan Seniors Accomplished What They Did

Submitted by Ziff72 on January 6th, 2012 at 12:12 PM

I'm always on guys for not being in shape.  I'm a grinder and I expect the guys I support to be grinders as well.   Well my friends it appears Michigan is losing some grinders and leaders.  2 days after the Sugar Bowl?!?!    RVB and Molk eperienced injuries as well.

Mad props to these guys I wish them well,  Great saying in the background.  Nothing but good in these pictures.




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I wonder how different current coach Aaron Wellman's methods are versus Barwis and what made the players choose Barwis to get them ready for the draft.

I'm sure Barwis will do a great job and good luck to all the fellas - thank them again for all they have done over the years.


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I'm sure there are more reasons than they're "grinders."  Well done, though.  This is an awesome thread.  Facebook link and all.


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health of the team this year and compare it  to previous years, you got to beleive that Wellman did a fine job.

They may have a better relationship with Barwis, they may get more individuilized attention or it could be that combine training may be a bit different than the football routine and Barwis was the better choice


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...I would like to see a little more love for Coach Wellman because he did a heck of a job putting a tough, physical, healthy team on the field this past season.

I get that Barwis has a lot more "personality", but let's give some credit ti the guy who is quietly and effectively executing his job as the current S&C Coach for Michigan Football.


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I have never understood why anyone would ascribe almost supernatural powers to Barwis.  Did he do a good job?  I don't have the expertise to do an evaluation. You certainly can't look at W,'s, L's and injuries and use those measures as  yardstick.   I think it would be reasonable to suppose that there are S&C trainers all over the country with skills that are every bit as good, and that may include our current S & C coach.






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miss these guys.  They were a special group without there heart and leadership who knows how long it would have taken for michigan to be respectable.  Good luck at the next level, go get em boys.