Why I LOVE Denard

Submitted by BlueinLansing on October 15th, 2011 at 5:00 PM

When asked whether the last hit by Rush was a dirty hit....Robinson replied.


"We were playing football," he remarked. "It's a dirty game."  More class in that statement that State can ever hope to have.



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I would have liked to see what happened with a time out on that 4th an inches.  I think the game would have been going to OT.

I'm not worried - we played a poor game on O but the D helped us out often.  If that was last year on O, we would have had the doors blown off us.

Got a legit shot to be 8-1 in 3 weeks.

Go Blue!  The Spartans will get theirs


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because despite the undisciplined play of Sparty, we had plenty of opportunities if we had executed to win this game. Michigan State handled us several automatic first downs in the first half and we couldn't capitalize. That's on us.


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I think the coaches and player should be taking the high road.  There is no reason to start pointing fingers and calling out players after a game.  The only thing that happens when you choose not to take the high road is that you look weak and seem to be making excuses.  The plays speak for themselves and anyone who watched the game knows what happened.


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I would have been ashamed of my team if Michigan had played that dirty. But those MSU players were high-fiving each other after that hit and celebrating those dirty plays. Fine, they won today and succeeded and were better at football. But they failed at life so I am a lot prouder of our boys for that.


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Despite Denard getting cheap-shotted and what not all day, I saw him helping up msu players on multiple occaisons.  And then he comes back and says something like this.


There's no human being I'd rather have as the face of this program.


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noticed that almost no game recaps are reporting anything about the peanalties: are we over reacting; was this just not that unusual; or is it bad form to talk about these sorts of things?


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What Gholston did to Lewan is COMPLETLEY uncalled for, but what is Lewan doing with his facemask at the start of the clip, is this what provoked him?  Looks almost like Lewan is either pulling his facemask or something else, but his hand is deffinetly doing something down by his facemask.


October 15th, 2011 at 7:03 PM ^

Yes exactly... I'm not defending the punch though, just explaining why he threw the punch.  that and because he's an asshole to begin with.  If you watch a few seconds before it, lewan is kind of holding Gholston down too, pushing his helmet to the dirt.  It's kind of funny... like in a "give him a wedgie" kind of way.

UM Indy

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They're comments on the integrity of the other team, from the head coach down to his players.  As many have stated, it's not that we lost, it's WHO we lost to and how they conduct themselves, on the field and off the field.  Gholston committed two personal fouls in the game, each worthy of ejection IME. 


October 16th, 2011 at 4:26 AM ^

Nobody is making excuses about our inability to block or throw or coach. I think we're all at piece with the fac tthat we got rocked on the football field. But just because MSU won doesn't mean we should celebrate their effort or the way they carried themselves.

But I guess you think winning means it's ok to act like a thug.