Why exactly do we have Gallon returning?

Submitted by wolverine1987 on November 13th, 2010 at 2:09 PM

!.  he makes questionable decisions on returns. 2. He fumbles. 3. He hasn't shown any real ability to break either punt or kickoff returns.  I won't criticize any further, he is trying his best. But what do the coaches see that we don't?



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On kick offs it doesn't matter, Purdue has a hell of a kicker. Best player on their team, props to him.  Who should be returning? Stonum hasn't done much since ND (I praise him) td return.


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Drew Dileo, and why does Denard play QB for us in big ten play. Yes he's very talented and young he just hasn't shown he can get the job done day in day out regardless of his rushing and total yards stats.

SC Wolverine

November 13th, 2010 at 3:43 PM ^

Denard did not run well today for one reason: the O line got owned.  That was a bit discouraging to see (but it's only one game, and a wet one at that).

I actually think RR handled Denard well today.  He's trying to hammer into Denard's young mind (don't forget he is a sophmore!) that he should be careful where he throws the ball.  Hopefully, this will pay dividends during our B10 championship campaign next year and our BCS championship campgain in '12.


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Completely agree on with you that Dileo should get a chance at punt returns. I was under the impression that that was sort of his specialty and niche at Michigan (although hopefully he can be a servicable slot receiver by his last couple years).

As for Denard not starting in the Big Ten? I completely disagree. I do think that he has work to do with his long balls and not throwing behind receivers on crossing routes, but remember he is a first year starter. He will only get better as a passer (that being said I am absolutely thrilled that we have Tate as a backup and a solid starter in case of injury to Denard).


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to give the coaches the benefit of the doubt on stuff like this, but at least for kick returns didnt Stonum set the single season return record last year?  I dont care how good Gallon looks in practice getting freaking Stonum out there...



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Gallon SHOULD NOT return anymore punts. He just makes poor decisions. I know he has speed but he can't break a tackle nor can he find a lane to hit. Use Hemingway or T. Robinson.


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I don't understand what happened to Dileo.  At one point it seemed like we were grooming him to take over.  Gallon definitely should be taken off punt returns at least.  He looks like a bundle of nerves.

Greg McMurtry

November 13th, 2010 at 3:20 PM ^

Stonum is clearly better and should be the kick returner. His skills are bein wasted by not startin Stonum at KR. And I disagree wih anyone saying he's too important to sacrifice him at KR. Bullshit. You play the best players to win the game and field position is a huge part of the game. Should Desmond Howard have not played PR/KR because he was such a great WR? The answer is a resounding no.

Maize and Blue…

November 13th, 2010 at 3:32 PM ^

No wedge blocking on kickoffs.  Stonum has great in line speed which is valuable with a wedge in front of you.  Find a hole make a cut and go.  Stonum was back on KO early but didn't do much.  Maybe the lack of the wedge puts more value on jitterbug type.

On a bright note, Dee Hart had a punt return TD last night. 


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If he was a gamebreaking return guy, I could see the mistakes being worth it, but he hasn't shown that this year. I love Greg Mathews, but I never imagined I would miss him as a returner. My only guess is that everyone is stinking it up as a returner in practice.


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Stonum is not returning kicks because the NCAA banned wedge blocking, and RR wants a guy who is shifty moreso than a guy with just straight-line speed.  RR believes that Stonum is too important to the offense at this point and lacks the shiftiness to return kicks in this new format.  Brian covered this at the end of October.



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I said this last week and people thought I was nuts, and I still think it's true. Gallon is, in my opinion, the 2nd most explosive player on our offense with the ball in his hands. He has agility and acceleration that some of our other guys just don't have. He obviously isn't a good WR yet and is probably 5th or 6th on the depth chart, but they're still trying to get the ball in his hands a few times a game

Now, I will agree that I don't want to see him back on punt returns. We don't ever seem to have an opportunity to have a real punt return anyway, so lets just get someone back there that can catch the ball. Kick returns though, I'm happy to see him back there. There's been a # of times I've thought he was a block or so away from breaking a long return.

I do think he's had some confidence problems the last couple games and I wouldn't be surprised if we see Stonum back there against Wisconsin and Ohio State. But going forward I absolutely want him back there, and if we can get a real punt return unit going, I'd be happy to see him back there on punts too.