Why does the football program underachieve so much?

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This isn't a new thing. 3 and 4 loss seasons were the norm under Carr. We never won a national title under Bo, we have been witnessing head scratching losses for decades. Nobody in this fanbase expects national titles every year, hell obviously not since we have 1 since the 1940s. But we have most definitely had national championship caliber teams only to fall short. Does the program lack a killer instinct? The want to win every game? I remember a while ago an anonymous Wisconsin player mentioned the difference between Michigan and OSU, and his response was "Michigan players take plays off, OSU players don't." You can't tell me we don't have the talent. We had the highest number of draft picks in school history, and the country this year and lost 3 games. I just don't get it. What I saw out there today was the same thing I saw against MSU and OSU, something bad happened and the body language and facial expressions just did a total 180. Where is the passion, the drive to come back harder the next time?



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That might be the problem. It cost us a season of Mitch McGary. The Horror was weed-related. I would not be surprised to hear JBB was disciplined for that.
(I'm just bitter because it's legal recreationally where I live as of today but I can't partake because of my job.)

L'Carpetron Do…

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As someone who came into Michigan fandom really only when I came as a freshman (and well after his career ended) I was shocked to learn that he had never won a title. And I think its a little weird that Michigan fans worship him so much.  He had amazing seasons and is one of the greatest of all time but its insane he never won one.

Mpfnfu Ford

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Coached his entire in the era before a national title game (BCS or Bowl Alliance) when the whole thing was a beauty contest. Hell his best team he ever had wasn't even allowed to play in the Rose Bowl for a chance to impress the voters because of an arcane Big 10 rule. It was just a very different game, and if he was a bit younger/had better health and could have made it into the Bowl Alliance era, I think he would have gotten his ring finally the same way Bowden and Osborne eventually did.


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I'm not sure we have had a national championship caliber team since 1997. Winning a national title is hard, especially when your team is currently in the toughest division in all of CFB.


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All I want to know is what do we have to do to break the QB curse?  Can we not get a QB with pocket sense, legs to run 12-15 yards down field when available and sense to just toss it away when need be.  Yes, these are young boys, but [email protected] it, this is Michigan, BIG TEN ball!

Coaches look at tape of kids in "tough high school divisions" similar to the Big Ten to get a sense of whether the kids can handle the pressure or not.


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Underachieve? This was a re-building year anyway.

As for Bo and Lloyd, look at the wins vs OSU/Rose Bowl apperances/BCS games/etc. Only a few years would you consider under par.


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Recruiting and scheme. The pro style works in certain places, at certain times, but players make the plays. And putting athletes all over the field to make plays, that's what the difference is. Just look at osu's haul this year.

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Can anyone honestly say Harbaughs year was better? Hoke and Harbaugh recruited well by site rankings....didnt work out for Hoke. If harbaugh doesnt adjust to the current state of college ball....will the end result be the same?

James H. Waugh

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I think Harbaugh should take a pro job. It's ;pretty obvious after 3 full seasons Michigan isn't a national power. It isn't just the fact he loses-it's HOW he loses How many times has Michigan been ahead at halftime and blown the lead and the game in the second half. (ie. last two OSU losses, the two MSU losses, this year's Wisconsin loss). Part of it are mental mistakes the team makes, fumbles, interceptions, part of it are coaching stratregy mistakes, like trying to pass the ball in a heavy rainstorm late in this year's MSU game when the running game is clicking.

Harbaugh also isn't recruiting well to fit his offensive scheme, which I think is also outdated. If you want to play smashmouth football, you have to recruit larger 230 pound running backs and more 300 pound lineman like Wisconsin does. Wisconsin's classes are not highly ranked, but they fit the scheme that team uses.

Urban Meyer came to the Big Ten with a spread offense that emphasizes speed and quickness, and a dual threat quarterback that can run on defenses. They also recruit better athletes than Michigan, and those athletes fit well into the OSU scheme.

I loved Bo Schembechler-he was a great human being, and a good, but not great coach. His problem was he was slow to emphasize the passing game, and it cost him plently of games. The ironic thing about all of this is I had hoped years ago when Urban Meyer was still coachingf at Utah, that Michigan would hire him as the next coach. Michigan has a BIG problem-they are very much into tradition, and not interested in doing things differently to fit today's college game.