Why does Cowherd hate UM so much?

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Please don't death blast me with neg points but I need an answer to this question. I did a search and nothing really came up. Colin just blasted UM/RR today, and he has done it plenty in the past, and it just pisses me off. I really like Colin but I have to change the station when he goes on his UM rants. He personally admitted that he has had some bad experiences with UM and its fans and called us rude, snooty, and hard to deal with personally and professionally. Was there a single event that I should know about that pissed Colin off and turned him against UM?



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Thanks for the link and the information. I could understand that this could cause some tension between him and Michigan fan but I still can't understand the disdain that he seems to hold against UM. It must have gotten REAL nasty if he is still that pissed about what happened at the Mzone.

Shalom Lansky

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I think his problem with M fans stems from a bit he ran on the air a year or two back which he stole from a Michigan site which he refused to credit. Fans called him on it and he became incensed. He really is a self-important jerk. Every thing he says begins with "I've always said." He makes himself part of every issue. There isn't room in my car for his giant ego.


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Yes - he used MZone material on the air without attribution, insulted the MZone writers when they asked for credit, then basically turned against the entire fanbase after he was reprimanded for said rudeness.

Something like that.


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...but I won't fault him for being on the "SEC bandwagon." Until someone ends their string of three national championships, it's gonna be difficult to argue very effectively with those who see it as a superior conference.

I see Cowherd's endorsement of the SEC as a case of a blind squirrel finding an acorn.

Super J

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I have been putting up with that fuck since 2001. Here in Portland he was (self labled) "Portland's media darling". I wouln't make that shit up. He was on the air the same time is show is on ESPN radio now and he also did the local late night sports for one of the networks.

He was mostly a Pac-10 homer with a distain for all things B-10. He has always talked about Michigan being over rated.
Once a local M fan called and asked him about his hatred. Colin actually hung up on the guy and ranted for the rest of the segment that the '97 title was shared with Nebraska. And Tom Osbourne deserved to have the title out right.

I am not a violent guy but I would love to punch that fucker.


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He barely mentioned ND during his college football coverage in Portland. He moved to ESPN Radio gains a national audience and leads off with "College Football is better when Notre Dame is good." If he detects that you root for a single team, you're labelled a "homer", while he is an objective observer, above the fray. This from a dude who still hasn't gotten over the officiating his hometown Seahawks received in the Super Bowl against the Steelers.

The King of Belch

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This thread is a classic example of why Cowherd might "hate" Michigan.

No substance, just sophomoric name calling, and the very title of the thread itself, asking why someone in the national media "HATES" Michigan.

Cowherd has ALWAYS been of the opinion that Michigan is one of only FOUR "national" programs. He has repeatedly stated that UM underachived under Lloyd Carr and has the potential to be one of the top programs in the country year in and year out.

One thing he knows is that if you question Michigan in any way you get 500,000 emails that will basically say the same things as posted in this thread. Something like, "Why ur are hated Michigum? I ur gradumate from dere and I are wonder whay you hatem Michigan so much like they win more game than anyone even Montreal Expos"


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...I heard a soundbite on WTKA this morning- an ad for Cowherd's show- where he was going on about how RR will get it done in Ann Arbor if he's given four years. To paraphrase: he said RR is a proven winner (i.e., won at WVU) and that he'll be a thorn in OSU's side because he's aggressive and Tressel is conservative (He also defended Weis, saying he won Superbowls). I'd like to think we'll be more than just a thorn in Tressel's side, but he caught me off guard with all the positivity, to be honest. He may not like the fans but it sounds like he likes the coach.