Why Devin Gardner should not start (LAST THREAD ON THIS TOPIC)

Submitted by Chi-Blue on October 17th, 2011 at 12:21 PM

So with the game going the way it did I have seen countless posts calling for Denard to be benched and starting DG.

Reasons for . . .

Deving fits the Borges system much better and is a better passer than Denard which is true. He is 6' 4" and has throwing lanes that quite honestly Denard does not. Devin is very gifted and would be great in a true west coast scheme because he does have the athletic ability to be called more than just a scrambler. His elusivness would cause huge problems and open up some great things down field for him to use his just a little stronger arm than Denard.

Reasons why not . . .

The primary reason that I dont think DG should start is because of our offensive line. I dont know what the deal is, but they look as though they are pretty stagnet, and not really improving. In the the games we played where the other team actually had a Defensive Line (ND, MSU) our unning game was horrible. Yes, yes recruited for a different system I know, and there is truth to that. However, they have not done as well as I hoped they would. There is still time so we'll see.  The primary reason that we are using the Spread/Zone read offense is not because Denard cant go under center, but rather we have a group of Lineman that dont have the consistent ability to blow some holes open. This season as you listen to game commentators they say that they are running the Spread to keep Denard involved and that is partly true, but to me its a line situation more than anything else. Thus Denard is the only real running game we have so he has to be in the game. With DG in the game we would be one dimensional. Like I said, elusive, but not a runner. Couple that with the fact that we have a bunch of OK RB's and its obvious Denard has to be in.

Denard has to start. From what I read thats why they are recruiting the crap out of Dunn, as they have other Ohio commits on his tail too. next year will most probably be more of the same with some give and take running both systems. Alot depends on the emergence or recruitment of a solid back, improvement of both our QB's in a pro style system, weight gain and strength of current O-line, and how game ready guys like Bryant, Kalis, and others will be.

IMO 2013 will be a great year. DG at QB with a solid mix of Vets and Youth on the O-line and the defensive recruiting and coaching starting to come to fruition. I'm sure there will be many who disagree with some of my take but thats th fun of MGOBLOG!!


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