Why Brandon Minor will destroy Michigan State

Submitted by touchdown chad henne on September 29th, 2009 at 8:12 PM

Hey fellas,

I know the Bleacher Report isn't the most popular site around here, but I wanted to tip you off on an article I just posted there on how Brandon Minor is gonna run wild on the Spartans this weekend.

I'm no Brian. It's mostly trash talk to get some controversy going. But I wanted to share the Minor love that I know is running strong in the Michigan faithful.

Hey, it's MSU week. You know Sparty's gonna blow this, don't you?

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i see no game from here on out as a blowout opportunity, except Delaware State. In fact, i see a very good chance we could lose this game with MSU's air firepower and our defense's inability to cover accordingly. I see a shootout and i sure hope we are the ones left standing in the end.


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With this offense, I actually think a lot of games could turn into blowouts--they won't all, of course, but I'm guessing we might manage 1-2 more big wins beyond Delaware State.

The defense certainly has its issues but it'll be better some days and worse on others. A couple of stout plays on 3rd down turn a close game into a 2-3 touchdown win. On the flipside, of course, a couple of blown plays turns a close game into a 2 TD loss which is why this season will be so interesting.

The good news is that we seem to have a team that finds a way to win and will have experience taking close games and pulling them out.

touchdown chad henne

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That's what I'm talkin' 'bout. Brian's last column was the first one where I thought, no, that's excessively negative. Sure, our defense didn't step up, but they will. They'll win one game for us that our offense can't. And maybe it will be against Sparty, although I think the offense will rise to the challenge this week like they did against the Irish.

That's if Minor is healthy, which I hope to be the case by now. If he is, this is the game where he shows why he's All Big-Ten.



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will leave spartys all over the field wondering what happened.

If Minor is healthy and runs like he did against PSU last year, MSU is in for a long day.

Carlos Brown is a great change of pace for Minor, he is faster and more elusive. The combo of power and elusivity in these two backs will be key Saturday.


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Defense has a chip on its shoulder. You don't think Brandon Graham wants to win this one badly after guaranteeing a win last year? Graham seems like the leader of the defense over Warren, so I assume his mentality will be felt full force this week during practice.

By the same token, I'm sure State wants to win just as badly, but their focus is getting respect from us, not from Michigan's players, who seem to respect State plenty. Hopefully Michigan's "just win" mentality will carry them past the "wah, wah, we want respect NOW" mentality.

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God this thread got me even more pumped for the game. Not to mention the somewhat wildly optimistic article by the OP. My brain says definitely not, but my heart responded to his poll with 7 touchdowns for Minor.

And when he does I really hope he shows up at the post-game presser with a couple of lines that put Hart's 'little brother' comment to shame.

It's not that I even hate msu that much (I'm from ohio)...I just wanna see Dantonio asplode.