Whole Michigan FB team running up State st. this AM

Submitted by Quail2theVict0r on July 30th, 2010 at 7:30 AM

So I'm on my way to work like any regular day and as I'm coming up to the athletic facilities on State Street I notice a huge number of people, all dressed the same, running up the street. As I got closer I spotted some dreads and knew it was the FB team. I took out my phone to capture the moment, and be a little creepy/illegal, because I've been driving the same way for years now and have never seen anything like it. It's kinda hard to tell, but they stretch from the back part of Yost basically to the new Ross Academic center.

I, of course, gave them some nice honks in the tune of "lets go blue" - to which they gave me some fist shakes along the way. It's nice to see the senior leadership at work, making them run.

When I got to work, they all were gathered in a huge circle around the block M in the Diag. So no idea what they were doing there.




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The seniors got the team together, told them all: "Because of the penalties, the coaches can't start us up with practice yet. So we're going to start ourselves now, so we can go straight to pads when they CAN set up official practices."

I seriously think that's close to the truth. We've got some nice character, baby.

Good work, guys! Thank you for giving us so much to cheer for every fall! We appreciate it more than you know!

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a mandatory no pad period. That doesn't change no matter if players started training 3 months ago or yesterday.

It is good to see the whole team working out together and the leaders making sure everyone is doing their part.


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But what I mean is, usually coaches want a week or two of no pads to warm up, get drills and timings straight, etcetera, before going to pads. I don't know what the official no-pad period (whoa... bloody. Gross) is, but if it ended, say, two days after our practice time started because of the penalties, you wouldn't want to have to wait an extra week to get into pads.


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Yeah, I was shocked to see the whole team. It got me pretty pumped for the season, and some of the guys were jumping around and screaming as I pumped my horn at them - in a good way. It was just cool to see, the looked pretty pumped up about things.


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Damn you sir. I'm on my way back to Ann Arbor in late August but the attached picture has made that wait even more excruciating. I miss it.


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On the other hand, I'm sure Houston Nutt and Saban would take that idea and clean-out some needed schollarship space for their 30 recruit classes:

Houston:  "Ok guys, time to run, but let's make sure that the 4th string scholarship players are in the back of the pack"

Saban:  "Today we're going to have the walk-ons run behind Ingram and create a protective wall... and the scholarship Juniors that didn't play a down last year behind them.  And if you hear the roar of an engine behind you - don't move, it's just a test of mental strength."


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The only thing even remotely creepy is that your avatar is wearing his underpants on the outside, but hey, each to his own.

Great pic and story anyhow. Where do you work that you saw them around the Block M?

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Some cellphone-stalking is creepy.  This was not creepy; this was not even close to creepy.  This event should have been filmed in High-Def and broadcast all over campus.  It was basically intended as a sort of a broadcast message, wasn't it?

I don't claim to know everything about our football history; but does anybody EVER recall a Michigan team doing this?  Not as far as I know.  Not in 30 years that I can recall.  I absolutely love this team's attitude.

Again, I say; totally AWESOME idea by whoever thought of this.  It says to the world; "We're a team, and if you are going to come after us for 'Countable' practices, well here's an uncountable practice for you right here.  Suck on it.  We'll see you all, in the middle of the diag."


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The only other time I can recall: in 2006 the team would voluntarily wake up every morning to go run the golf course (and from having played that course, this would be death). The O-Linemen (and other beefier elements of the team) were challenged to keep up with the skill players.

If this team is demonstrating the same sort of leadership/attitude/commitment as the 2006 team, we have a lot to look forward to in the fall.

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They rightly think of the Golf Course as part of the athletic campus. 

I remember waiting on the 8th tee (Par 3) to play, and having a shirtless Mel Owens, dripping in sweat,  run up out of nowhere.  Mel Owens was a very good ballplayer, but more than anything, he might have been the first 'OMG shirtless' guy in our program.  I was just hoping that he was not so thirsty that he would kill me and drink my blood. 

But the team running through town...  and to the diag?  That's new.