Who is your least favorite Big Ten coach

Submitted by Fresh Meat on August 4th, 2010 at 8:17 AM

I was having this debate with someone at work and I am curious what the consensus is. In any sport, but I'm assuming football and basketball with be the most relevant, who is your least favorite Big Ten coach?

I want to make an argument for Danny Hope. I hate that guy. I don't even know why I hate him so vehemently, but just seeing his stupid mustache makes me want to punch him in the mouth. The whole Moutan thing was just classless. I also think he just walks around with a chip on his shoulder like he is a badass and that Purdue football is the shiz and we all just need to accept it. Dude, Purdue sucks at football and the fact that you are the coach there shows that you suck at coaching. Hate him.

I know Dantonio will probably get a lot of votes as well, but I just hate Danny Hope more. Thoughts?

EDIT: I wrote this before reading IUandUofM's diary. I now hate Hope even more. He is the only coach not smiling in that picture, like he is some tough guy or something. And that general studies comment is BS. Every single school has an easy major that they guide athletes to. Idiot.



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I am with you on Danny Hope.  The obvious answer would be Tressel due to his recent success but overall I'm going with Danny Hope.  I can't put a finger on exactly why but he just bugs the shit out of me.  I think he comes off as extremely arrogant and more of a drill sargeant than a football coach.  Every time he talks it's just uncomfortable.


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I love the comparison.  And I agree with the choice for #1 Turd Burglar of Big Ten coaches.  My number 2 (ha ha, number 2) is Hope.  These two are both pricks and their teams need a severe thrashing from the Maize and Blue this year!


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The "Little Brother" Incident sealed it for me.  Regardless of how you felt about Hart's comment, it was classless for Mark to respond.  I have despised MSU Football and their coach from that moment forward.

Hemlock Philosopher

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hate them all (except RR, of course).  If I had to pick one, it would be Dantonio because he's a douchenozzle and he got PWND by Mike Hart, which is very funny.  He's also got the Buckeye-Michigan myopia where he is willing to bag it against CMU and OSU for a better chance at beating us. 


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It is Tressel for me, mostly because he pretends to be innocent with that dopey sweater vest on, but the dude was rotten to the core at Youngstowns St, the whole Clarrett thing at OSU, and he is somehow viewed as squeaky clean. Jerktino comes in a close second but it sure looks like Hopeless is trying hard to crack the top of the list.



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OSU is just one undercover investigation away from giving you a couple years off from those January bowl games.  In this era, a program can't get away with providing as many illegal benefits as OSU without eventually getting caught.  The "Scarlet Wall" has kept the NCAA from getting enough facts so far, but all it takes is a couple of reporters with agendas ala the rag in Detroit and a few lies to get players or "donors" to open up. 

Clarett admitted to being provided money, a "job" where he didn't have to work, a car, "tutors" to do his work for him, and, IIRC "escorts" to help him with those silly dating decisions.   Someone convinced him to shut up by the time the NCAA investigators got there, but "your" school can't get lucky forever.  Eventually, they will get caught.  And they will be made an example of. 

And all it is going to take is one pissed-off reporter with an agenda, and he will uncover a lot more than the nebulous "violations" uncovered by Carty, Rosenberg, and Snyder. 


August 4th, 2010 at 12:59 PM ^

Not all of it was "proven false."

Most of it, if I recall, turned out to be true. It was just that the things in the most of it category were stunts pulled by boosters directly with Maurice (e.g. the "can borrow whatever car he wants" deal) and didn't implicate the program. Clarrett said Tress set him up with those guys, but there was nothing to substantiate it. See the big scarlet wall.

I won't claim I know OSU was guilty, but I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if there was some institutionalized shit going on there.


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Just because of his first name.

In football, Bret Bielema by a landslide.  I still remember the blank look on his face after John Thompson's pick-6 in 2008


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Didn't Bielema try and take his team out toward the banner before that game when they came out of the tunnel?  I remember being pissed off when they "pretended" to go toward the banner and then made a quick turn to the sideline as Bielema smiled.  He's up there for me too.


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Dantonio is a douche, but he's more of a reflection of the university he represents.  State has a huge chip on its shoulder with respect to U of M, and Dantonio plays to that.

Hope, on the other hand, is a complete asshat.  Calling out RR was one thing, but then bringing his player over for the handshake showed his total lack of class.  In his free time, he probably punches kittens and yells at babies.


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care more about Michigan beating? I'd go with Dantonio. I ASSUME we beat Purdue. But knocking Dantonio on his keester assumes real importance this year.


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by a scowl.  They both suck balls, but something about Dantonio makes you want to hit him in the face with frying pan. (Ala Betty White in Boston Legal).

Wolverine Incognito

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I think he makes it a point to look like a gay accountant so that you feel that much worse when you lose to him.

I seriously wonder how can we lose to this guy?!  He looks like a gay accountant!  Who would want to play for him?!


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When over ten percent of a coach's scholarship players have misdemeanor convictions, but he is constantly praised for "doing things the right way," there is something seriously wrong.  When this is combined with his constant bragging and negative recruiting tactics, nobody else comes close. 

And I still can't figure out how he has bamboozled most of the MSM into thinking that he has MSU poised to become an elite team.


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Dantonio by far. He is the single biggest jag off in the conference. I have no clue how he can comment on pride comes before the fall when he is jawing off with Mike Hart and letting his players' judicial records slide. I am pretty sure he is the only coach in some crazy situation where a MSU loss would keep us from going to a bowl, would prefer his own team to lose.


August 4th, 2010 at 9:32 AM ^

Danny Hope, without question.  

Don't like Tressel, but honestly, he doesn't arouse much ire in me.

Dantonio is likely the close 2nd place finisher behind hope.  

I feel like I'm supposed to hate Tressel b/c of the rivalry...  and yeah, I think he's kind of a weenie...  but he actually doesn't bother me that much.