Who is your 2nd favorite College Team?

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I imagine this thread has been done previously, but I can't recall it recently, and it's August 1, meaning news is silm, so why not? I always find this interesting when I discuss with M alums and fans in person: who is your second favorite college football team? What team is it besides ours that you are following, even perhaps passionately?

My answer to start: USC. I understand how some fans hate them, but for me, they were the team of my childhood. I grew up in L.A. and moved to Michigan in my last year of H.S. so it wasn't until attending M that my love of SC was supplanted. My Dad took me to several SC games as a kid, and the memories are still with me. Seeing Traveller (the white horse), the "fight on" phrase, the fight song (which I think, along with ours, is the best in college football), my Dad teaching me about "student body right," the great tradition they had starting in the 60's, all of those things were just great to me at that age. So I still catch their games when I can, and despite the Caroll violations, wish them well. 

And what about yours?




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People have a bizarre tendency to neg any post they disagree with. I don't get it: what's the point of a messageboard if you want ever opinion you disagree with blocked and removed. Go sit in a corner and talk to yourself if you're so opposed to dissenting thought.


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Arizona State. My dad went there, and I remember as a kid how excited he was/we were when they made it to the Rose Bowl and lost that epic game to TSIO. Still wish they'd finished off that National Championship for my pops.


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I have to say though, I love the school and I love my devils but It's hard to get into.  Everyone here is from somewhere else and has another team (mine is Michigan).  Games just don't sell out and the tailgating isn't all that great.  for the most part, people from the west just don't get into football like us  midwesterners.  

They have restrictions that only allow on site tailgating to start a few hours before the game which really slows things down.


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I have little affiliation with the school, other than my girlfriend went there, but for some reason I grew fond of them on the Saturdays I would spend there when Michigan wasn't at home. I think it started out as a way to annoy the Spartan fans that seemed to crawl all over that campus. I remember tailgating for Mich-ND and watching CMU knock in that field goal for the win over Sparty--that was classic. Also Central-Western weekend was always a blast.


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1) Michigan Football

2a) Michigan Hockey

2b) Michigan Basketball

But if you're going to make me pick another college, than Florida State. Love the Garnet and Gold. Fear the Spear!!


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Northern Illinois University. Mom and dad graduated from there, brother goes there and I took CPA classes there which helped me pass. Hoping to be back in Detroit again for the MAC championship this year


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Arkansas. Parents have a winter home there and 2 of my best friends are from there. It's also a great team to root for on Saturday because they get a chance to humble Bama, Auburn, Ole Miss, and LSU.


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If someone put a gun to my head and said I had to root for a 2nd team, I guess it would be Penn State. They have classic uniforms and play some good defense and they are not in the SEC.


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1. Michigan

2. Missouri - I was born about 60 miles west of Columbia, MO

3. Navy - My Grandpa was in the Navy, My Dad was a Marine, My Brother is in the Navy, and I'm going into the Marines after I get my Bachelors

4. Florida St. - I have a lot of family in or around Tallahasse (sp?)

5. UCLA - I dunno why... probably because I hate USC almost as much as OSU


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Probably Boston College. Some family went there and a few good buddies went there as well. They have a decent team in a good private school and they don't really conflict with us ever...

I cheered for Miami (yes, The U) for a few years while in high school (most of all when they played Ohio State for the Championship) but that is no longer the case.

EDIT: I'll be rooting for RR's next team as well.


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Great list of schools. I have a friend that went to Brown and she seemed to have a good experience. BC has a very nice campus and Boston is a great college city, though. Most of my friends went to school in Boston and really enjoyed it. Needless to say I loved Michigan when I went there (Class of 07') and would never change my choice given the opportunity. Best of luck to your daughter. The process is not easy but it is pretty exciting...


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For Football:  

- Duke

- Oregon

- Boise St. (although I hate the blue field)

- Texas

- Whichever school RR goes to next

- Whichever school Mike Leach goes to next


For Basketball: 

- Duke 

- I've really enjoyed watching Kansas St. over the past couple years



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It has to be Western Michigan. I'll never forget seeing a guy holding up a sign at my first CMU game that said, "Dip the Chips."

My dad is a Bronco and I'm a Wolverine. However, we will not be conflicted come Sep. 3.