Who is worth following in the Michigan Twittersphere?

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I'm following MGoBlog, TomVH, Ace, Tim, Sam Webb....  Who else is worth following?  (Either current players, commits, or journalists.)



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richarddietsch (more national Sports Illustrated guy but good stuff)

Dylan (Umhoops)

Josh helmhodt (rivals midwest director)


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Along with Helmholdt, I'd follow Allen Trieu (@AllenTrieu), Bill Greene (@BillBankGreene) and Steve Wiltfong (@SWiltfong247). They're Scout's Midwest Analyst, Scout's Ohio Analyst and 247's midwestern guy. Between those guys and the ones you have, you're pretty much completedly covered for recruiting.


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I don't follow them, but from time to time I check out @gomikemartin and @kogernotkorger.  They tend to post pics and it is especially good right now since they tweet about what they are doing down in NOLA.

Here are some examples:

Gettin sillllyyyy in #NOLA @VanBergen53 @kdemens25 @therealfitz42 actin nasty!


MGJS SuperKick Party

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Zoltan Mesko
<br>Zack Novak
<br>Dave Brandon
<br>Ryan Van Bergen
<br>Tim Hardaway Jr
<br>Tom VH
<br>Kevin Koger
<br>Blake Countess
<br>JB Fitzgerald
<br>Justice Hayes
<br>Shane Morris
<br>Jake Ryan
<br>Denard Robinson


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Erik Magnuson and Ondre Pipkins are pretty funny, I enjoy following them.

Even though they aren't specially associated with Michigan; Steve Wiltfong and Allen Trieu provide good recruiting info.

And if you want to be bold, follow this guy #selfadvertizing

Eck Sentrik

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His tweets are more random thoughts rather than M related but damn he's funny. Example:

"This weather is what I imagine having a tantric orgasm while doing heroin naked on a mink rug feels like."


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...mention. My Wolverines on Twitter page is the most comprehensive list of Michigan Twitter accounts. It has all of the account info for Michigan football, basketball and hockey teams including current coaches, players, recruits and former players.

I also highly recommend following all of the Athletics Dept accounts to get up to date information on the various teams.


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My New Year's resolution was going to be to actually use the account I set up over a year ago. 

I promise interesting observations.


With respect to Michigan-related twitter activity, I have at least read MGoBlog, TomVH and Ace on a regular basis. Now I officially follow them. I am new to the whole thing, as in earlier this morning. 


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with what you have and add Angelique and MichiganInsider you shouldn't miss much as everyone re-tweets most important info anyway. Not to mention you won't be considered a stalker either ;)

Leaders And Best

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In addition to mgoblog, Ace, TimS, Sam Webb, TomVH, some other Michigan media I recommend:

Angelique Chengelis at DetNews (@chengelis)

Andy Reid at The Wolverine (@AReid_Wolverine)

Whoever is covering Michigan football for the Daily (@michdailysports). @kevinraftery, @stephenjnesbitt, @timrohan are three of them.

Used to love TomVH twitter & still follow, but too much of his stuff is now ESPN premium links.

Nationally for college football, I like Bruce Feldman at CBS, Pete Thamel at NYT, Dr Saturday at Yahoo, and EDSBS.

Picktown GoBlue

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To be ready for 2012: @TheBlockhams

Marell Evans - @Rellbflexin9

Sometimes lame but occasionally more than just retweets - @mikerothstein

Warning - Michigan, but you'll get your share of politics as well (for better or worse) - @jayfeely

Seems to have his head on straight - @Mr_KelGrady19

Updates from the teams, including highlights from games which are handy if you're not near a computer/TV/radio - @umichbball, @umichfootball, @umichhockey (and there are others...)

Rarely unique content, but oh well - @DaveBrandonAD