Who will be the Strength Coach?

Submitted by Sauce Castillo on December 29th, 2014 at 8:25 PM

I don't believe I have seen a topic on this or any hints from Michigan insiders but has there been any mention of who we could possibly bring in?  I know I've seen some mentions on the board of people wanting Barwis back but has anyone seen mention of who it might be?



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Yostbound and Down

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Would really like it if we could poach this guy from Jim's old program


I doubt Barwis could deliver the kind of strength training Harbaugh wants. I liked the guy for Rich Rod, don't like him and don't want him for Harbaugh as anything more than a consultant. There have been guys both under his regime and Wellman's who just seemed soft...that isn't an option anymore.

Mr. Yost

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When Gittleson left I believe we couldn't keep Henne or Hart on the field and we had a rash of other injuries and people celebrated him being dismissed. I remember a BUNCH of OL issues. It's part of what made Barwis such a legend.

Now people want him back?

My timeline may be off, but I know for a fact people celebrated when he was gone and blamed the recent rash of injuries on him and outdated techniques. Barwis came in with "modern" lifting and alternative exercises and he was held in the highest regard.


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Gittleson's techniques weren't necessarily outdated, but may not be the most effective for football. He was more of a machine based, HIT training style of coach. HIT training essentially deals with performing 1 maximal set to failure on an exercise and moving on. Which, while it can be effective, there's a lot of research showing that it is not optimal.

Barwis is a tireless self promoter, who tends to spout exercise physiology terms to make the lay person think that he's a genious. That's not to say he isn't intelligent, but he has glaring weaknesses when it comes to the concept of recovery and peaking.

Wellman, for whatevef reason, trained all athletes with the same program, rahter than having separate programs for linemen, skill, and big skill guys. This, I believe, is one reason why certain position groups did not appear to be as strong as they should be. For instance, with linemen, you can afford to "beat them up" a little bit more with more volume because they are bigger guys and they can handle it. Not getting that type of volume in could certainly have a negative impact.

It'll be interesting to see who the new Director of S&C and his support staff are.