Who steps up with Turner gone?

Submitted by TheDirtyD on August 11th, 2010 at 3:18 PM

Who steps up at corner with Turner out? I can't imagine that any of our incomming freshmen corners are going to red shirt now. Does Cullen Christian become the nickel back? Who's the dime back? Do you think anyone else will get moved to defensive secondary? I'm only a fan but my guess is Cullen Christian is our 3rd CB and James Rodgers is the dime back.



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I would not be at all surprised to see Teric Jones move back to CB from the scrum for playing time at Safety. After all, he was able to get on the field last year as a Corner, something Turner never did, after coming in as a HB recruit.

Also, I think the point of shifting to the 3-3-5/multiple scheme was to prevent needing Nickel and Dime backs. Our LBs and SSs should be quick and strong enough to cover the flats and mid-field, and unless this is a wildly different version of the 3-3-5 I would not expect a ton of man coverage anyway. Cullen will likely be 3rd on the depth chart, but that just means that he will be pushing Floyd for playing time and spelling the starters when they need breathers.

His Dudeness

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I don't mean to be the dick of bad news, but does anyone remember the UFR's from last season on JT Floyd? I know, I know "he had a good spring :) :)" and all that fun shit that people say so I don't jump off my deck, but the fact is I am freaking out. He was sloooooow and his back-ups? Christen and Avery and walk-ons... Someboday help me. I may have a seizure.

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would be a better CB than he is a safety and idk why...Maybe just watching his body mechanics I think he might do better out there at CB (he kinda looks like Leon Hall's build). Playing safety last year he got beat mentally alot, but perhaps his reads would be easier at corner. He was very highly touted and a switch might be good for he and the team (a la Woolfolk in 2009).


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The freshman must contribute now, if there was any question before.  And beyond just Christian.  We need bodies and all of them in the zone.  Teric Jones is a candidate to move back to corner, played there in '09 but slotted for bandit this year

Optimistic view:  Clarity.  No one needs to worry about Turner coming on anymore.  The bridge has been burned behind these players, and that can be good

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Is there any freshmen safeties that might get looks at CB now, specifically Carvin Johnson and Ray Vinopal who are both supposed to be fairly fast. I keep hearing that CB is the easiest position for a freshmen to learn so maybe they will move there for this year.


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CC, CA, and TT will all need to step up their game as true freshmen. 

Scary?  Yes.  A huge falloff from what JT Turner could offer us (now or in 2 years)? Not exactly.  I still hold strong to my thesis that "if our run defense steps up, all will be fine".  I can live with going 8-4 and losing 3 of those games because our DBs were weak.  That is more games than they cost us last year. 


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Pressure up front can easily cover up holes in the secondary.  Pressured passes are bad passes.  If you look at our schedule, we have only one good QB (Tolzien), a number of inexperienced QBs(Penn St, ND), one that likes to throw interceptions (Stanzi), and an overrated one that is powerless if you can stop the run (Pryor).  Maybe three decent guys from Purdue, sparty, and Uconn. 

If we get pressure up front and make them one-dimensional, I think that will be good enough to let the offense build a lead.  There's nothing worse for an offense than simultaneously being pressured and trying to come from behind. 

ND Sux

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I like your thoughts about pressure and the QB comments, I'll just add that Purdue will start a new guy, either Robert Marve (transfer from Miami also coming off ACL surgery), or Caleb TerbBush (only 22 yards passing in 2009). 

Even without Graham, I'm still cautiously optimistic up front.


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All I'm saying is he shouldn't be written off, and Fraser was a redshirt freshman, so I don't understand your argument.  Plus do we really need to discuss how absolutely awful that ND line was?  I don't want to make excuses for Clausen, but Jesus, that dude didn't have a shot in hell to do anything with that team.


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I will drink 8 miller lites instead of my customary 4 on football saturdays.

I will yell at my tv at 72 decibles instead of my customary 58 decibles during those games.

I will post incessantly idiotic things on Mgoblog.com 4 times a day instead of my usual 2.


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Drinking only 4 beers per game is pretty lame, brah.  It's just barely one per quarter.  What do you drink during half-time, some of your boyfriend's water?  Step it up, kid.  If you let down your liver, it will forgive you.  If you let down the team, the MGoGhosts will terrorize you for the rest of your miserable days.


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us.  how about the fans step up and give our guys the support they need to succeed.*

*not to say we haven't before.


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Turner was already behind JT Floyd going into practice and could have been behind Cullen and Courtney by the start of the season.  So the player that needs to step up may not have changed no matter is Turner left or not.


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that true freshman are no going to have to contribute, and luckily there are candidates, but that is not the whole story. 

First, Troy Wolfolk is going to have to be better than servicable, he is going to have to be good, we know he is not lock down good, but he has to emerge as an all Big Ten performer.

Next, and regarding freshman performers, Cullen Christian is going to be intregal.  Freshman can be solid performers at cornerback based on little more than athleticism, this has to be the case with Christian.

Third, it is just as much scheme than personel.  It has been a problem for years, but this defense in particular HAS TO be designed to not give up big plays.  Michigan is going to score quite a bit in my opinion, and I think that the most important thing is going to be to make the other team work and take time to score.  The safety reads and positioning on the field is going to be paramount, i.e. Iowa tight end cannot score multiple 70 yard touchdowns.

Lastly, it is the defensive front that is going to have to answer the bell as much as the secondary.  Pressure, pressure, pressure.  QB's with a lot of time to look could very easily pick us apart.


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Sorry man, but this just screams "UNNECESSARY PANIC" to me (if there is such a thing after 2008 and 2009 I guess).

I guess my first question is - what record are you gunning for here? 8-4? 10-2? 12-0?

Now on to your points:

1) T-Wolf has to be All-Big Ten?  Seems kind of aggressive, no?  I'd take him being just as good as he was last year - which was very solid.

2) CC is an integral part of our defense?  I don't think anyone is counting on him to start, so how is our potential NB integral?  I don't get it.  I hope he steps up and plays well - but if he's "just a freshman" and not "Craig Roh freshman", I can live with that.

3) The defense has to be designed to avoid giving up big plays.  This is ground-breaking stuff.  What if everyone played like DW did last year - and lined up 8-10 yards off the LOS?  We would be screen-passed to death. 

Take-away: Don't freak out because our NB is transferring, and don't go into some big post trying to play defensive coordinator.


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of your response, I believe it is you sir, that is engaging in unnecessary panic.

1.  You are correct that Wolfolk has not been an all big ten performer, that is why I said that we need him to be.

2.  Is it your contention that we will only need two cornerbacks this season?  Yes, Cullen Christian is going to have to be a consistent performer for this defense.  Listen, JT Turner wasn't going to be Charles Woodson, but I think most believed he was going to be competent, and may eventually start, his departure is not the end of the world, but it is significant.


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What?  What part of my post exhibits any panic?

I basically say "don't sweat these small details and work on reading what you say before you actually say it".

And then you come back with this? Are you high? 12? Drunk? Big Bird from Rick's? I don't get it. 


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Hopefully this kid can live up to the hype,he was our top recurit,on one of the sites.He has the size,all he needs to do is make sure nobody gets behind him.


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Im a big believer in team first mentality, and it sounds, at least to me, that turner transferring might be a good indication of a lack of room discipline.. (classroom, weightrooms or film room.) Dont forget that this team is not based on the success or failure of its nickelback.

  Based on the depth chart, what  CB at any big ten school would transfer almost in season when they were slotted to potentially recieve big minutes and a crack at the starting spot? Not. a. single. one. All this tells me is that Turner lacked something (heart, hustle, work ethic, smarts) to get it done here, because he had the physical tools to play.  This is a disappointing situation, however the team can learn from it.. (i still remember losing players mid-season to academic stuff in highschool, and that just made the remaining players a tighter bunch.)


August 11th, 2010 at 4:14 PM ^

Everyone was really excited about Turner because his recruiting hype was so high, and I get that, because I was too. 

But let's say he didn't transfer today, he's still on the team and we still hear the same reports we've heard for the last year - either nothing about him at all, or reports saying he's not physically ready to contribute.  How does our CB situation look then?  Any different than now? 

Since 2010 is likely to be no different with or without JT, look at 2011 - Avery, Christian and Talbott are sophomores, JT Floyd is a returning starter, and Greg Brown (thank God for him enrolling early), Hollowell and ??? will be freshmen.  That's a young but promising CB group (and keep in mind that our three safeties will likely be very good by then) that needs a lazy Justin Turner that much less. 

No doubt it's a bummer that Turner left, but he was on his was to being the Kevin Grady of cornerbacks - except that Grady actually had a promising freshman year. 

ND Sux

August 11th, 2010 at 4:24 PM ^

This story makes me think of Kelly Baraka - minus the reefer problem.  IIRC, Baraka came in highly recruited, but not ready to commit fully to the team and his own preparation. 

I too would have liked to have seen what this kid could do in a couple years, but if he's that quick to jump ship, better to invest the coaching/practice time in one of the newbies. 


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i will say Turner did us a favor doing it this early because to not give someone the chance to step up and practice in camp at the CB position bc he was expected to contribute would have been a double whammy. 


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It kinda sucks that Rogers has never stepped up. What really sucks is that Floyd is the only sophomore CB, and we have no junior CBs.