Who should replace ND in a long-term series?

Submitted by dahblue on May 23rd, 2013 at 3:53 PM

Interesting poll on AnnArbor.com today asking who should replace Notre Dame (those weasely fellows) in a long-term series.  Will that ever happen?  Who knows, but certainly would be interesting.

Here's the link:

Choices include:

I'd vote LSU.  What say you?



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I could be wrong, but it seems to me that recruits are paying more attention to the academic ratings of schools. In that case, since Stanford is a better school than Michigan overall (I understand there are certain programs that we rank better in, but it is virtual consensus that Stanford is better ranked than we are), Stanford will be a strong competitor for the recruits that care about football and academic quality.

I know that Stanford has been doing well in football recently (and have won the Rose Bowl in this century), but entering into a long-term non-conference rivalry with Stanford would grant them legitimacy that I'd rather they not receive.

Also, they're not a traditional power, and I'd love for us to replace ND with someone a bit more long-standing.


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the majority of bowl games are going to be in the south, rutgers and maryland games are east, so it would be nice to get a bit of a presence for recruiting and alumni out west.

however, i think stanford's dance card is full, as they have ND and a 9 game PAC12 schedule.


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It should be a rotating game w only West Coast Teams! We really need to get a better presence out there. We should be playing SC, UCLA, Stanford, Cal, Arizona schools, Colorado, Wash, Wash St.

Every year we should be playing a west boast school


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I would rather have a rotation of higher level competition vs having one long standing series but I would say either Florida or Georgia would be a good series.


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Doesn't give enough scheduling flexibility to lock in an opponent now that we're at 9 conference games a season.

I personally would like to see a rotating home-home series across the 4 Pac-12 California teams though - this would mean that I can actually attend a few games now that I'm living out here.


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would be the one that makes most sense. From the perspective of alumni, future recruiting on west coast, and it would feel like a little jab back at the irish if we could some how swing it.


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But to play along, I'd probably go with Stanford.  Like institutions, across the country. Not sure I'd want to reward an every year battle to someone in the SEC, and when I think USC I think Rose Bowl.  I guess we could play Stanford twice, as we've played them in Rose Bowls and it even happened once with UCLA, but everything else Stanford brings to the table would let me excuse it.

Texas would probably want a 2 for 1 or something demanding and ridiculous like they always do, and no one else really excites me. Really, someone like Nebraska or Penn State would have been a good replacement before they joined the conference.

How about Duke? If they won't play us in basketball anymore....


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We're pretty much the only team in the Big Ten who has favorable records recently against the SEC and favorable historical records. I think Ohio State is like 1-10 in their last 11 vs the SEC. We're the only one's saving the conference from total humiliation

Perkis-Size Me

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I'd be shocked if we can ever put another long term series together. It'd be great but I doubt most schools would want to commit to it. Count anyone in the SEC outside of Alabama and Vandy out, since the rest of them won't cross the Mason Dixon line. The ACC has Notre Dame so they're out. Stanford would be nice but I really don't see anyone wanting to commit to it.

Wolverine 73

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Stanford, UCLA or Florida would be my choices.  Maybe Texas.  They are in recruiting hotbeds, and are also good to great academic institutions.


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I hope they do not do a long running series. I like the idea of a home and home and then move on to another team. Just keep quality opponents.