Who is our choice after Brady Hoke?

Submitted by BlueUPer on January 9th, 2011 at 3:40 PM

After DB is done interviewing Harbaugh, Gruden, Miles, Harbaugh, and Patterson, what happens when he finally gets to Hoke? And Hoke says, NO?  Where do we turn then?  Hoke is a great coach.  He loves UM, but everyone has their limits on self-respect or when being disrespected! 



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If so its all about how you play your cards.  You ask the right questions and DB being a former CEO knows the right questions to ask to make sure that there is no doubt that when offering the position that the coach will accept and will accept immediately.  The ball is still in our court and will remain there. 


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You mean who is our choice before Hoke, right, RIGHT?  Hoke basically already said yes (and not in the speculative Harbaugh way).  Who care whose after him then.  If we are asking that the world is already over.


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There is a school of thought that the interest in Miles is simply to satisfy the Bo Schembechler faction of the Michigan athletic department, and that Brady Hoke is the intended target all along.

They also say a source indicates that Miles' wife Kathy doesn't want to move the family to Ann Arbor. And they link Mgoblog for the Gruden rumors.


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ESPN have proven that they know fuck all, just like Rivals and Scout and everyone else. Don't pay for that insider crap. They don't know anything. They're likely making shit up to make it seem like insdier subscriptions are worth it.

And Brady Hoke would be a hire to satisfy the Bo Schembechler faction (whatever that is). He coached under Bo's successors.


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I agree.  The last think Hoke would need would be fewer recruiting days for the sake of a smoke screen.

If that's DB's strategy, he's not just incompetent, he's kinda dumb.  There's no way they're playing a placate the old guard game and burning recruiting days.

Moe Greene

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We'll rely on the resources at Google Labs to build a coach using game based simulations and past history to make playcalls. The AUTO-COACH 120000 will not have a buyout, but will produce a DAMN STRONG team....


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After watching the LSU/Tex A&M game for the fifth time, I am convinced that a Miles hire will minimize transfers, make Denard happy and will pay off short term for UM in wins.  Jefferson is about 1/2 the player that Denard is and he had ample opportunity to run and throw in that offense.