Who, if any could be a bust for 2010

Submitted by preed1 on August 26th, 2010 at 12:12 AM
This happens every year, a player that is expected to do well turns out little production. It is a fact in all sporting programs. More times than fewer somebody will arise and take there place. My prediction is who do you think will be the 2010 UM football bust? I am going to go with Shaw, Campbell, and Gordon. Shaw- has a lot on his plate school wise, Campbell with his weight gain and hype, and Cam Gordan with his offseason hype. I know these guys are very hard workers and hope they prove me wrong, may it be this or next season. Who do you see as a 2010 bust?



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give the kid a break. making a negative prediction about a player isnt exactly the kiss of death. if anything a player who reads this would want to prove those doubters wrong. not to mention people on this blog talk negatively about players abilities and performances all the time. some negative predictions even come in as the players are being recruited. its not like he commented on anyones personality


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do we really need more negativity? I know its late, but c'mon man.

Big will is going to be good, I already see him making a goal line stand and helping us in the d line rotation.

Cam has been impressing the hell out of the coaches he'll make some mistakes early on due to nerves (he's not a M qb who never gets nervous), but he'll be fine as the season progresses.

Shaw, speed speed speed. just hit the books buddy.


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where have you seen big will make any goal line stands? based on the RR presser, im not even sure big will is on the two deep. looks like adam patterson is the second string NG. hes not gonna be a goal line situational player until he can prove that he wont get thrown around by 260lb centers.


as for the latter two players, ur comments only justify the op's contention of POSSIBLE busts:

-Cams lack of experience MAY lead to costly mistakes.

-Shaw MAY not qualify.


No one said these players are doomed.


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You need to comprehend the meaning of the term 'bust' before you go trying to defend its usage.

  • Cam, a converted WR, can't really be a bust for this year if he makes costly mistakes, as another poster said below - lack of experience explains them.
  • Big Will isn't in shape (as you said yourself), and thus cant be a bust this year - we dont expect big things from him. He needs more time. No bust.
  • If Shaw doesnt quality he cant play, and thus cant be a bust this year.

You are not helping yours or the OP's case with this type of thinking.


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actually im pretty confident in my understanding of the word bust, as it is relative to CURRENT expectations. The fact that people didnt expect Cam to be a great safety when he was recruited doesnt negate the possibility that peoples expectations are current pretty high. ur points regarding Cam only give cause to the possibility that those expectations are liable to be unrealized.


regarding big will, while you and I may not expect a ton from him, there are some people that do.


regarding shaw - while he may not be a bust in terms of performance, he can still be a bust in terms of his contribution to the team.


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Far enough -  you understand 'bust', but I think you know that you are stretching its meaning so thin as to make it meaningless. In your conceptualization, we could find almost any reason for any player to be a bust. Thus, if Mike Martin only gets 10 sacks this year instead of my expectation of 13, I will consider him a bust.


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Are you serious?Are you a true Michigan fan?You should not think like that my friend.But for real man your calling people on your  team a bust,thats crazy!!!


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the season hasn't even started yet. let it begin and then you can have the luxury of ripping on 18-22 year old kids who play football for your amusement.


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I don't think Gordon will live up to expectations but I really don't think it's his fault either--a converted WR shouldn't be thrown into a starting safety spot and be expected to deliver.  The coaches need to stop adulating these kids for what they do in practice.  It does nothing but raise fans' expectations of them.

We've now heard the coaches praise Turner, Emilien, and Gordon for practice success.  I hope all three of these guys have great careers, but it's unfair in my opinion for the coaches to put them on a pedestal like that, especially when they haven't done anything in a game thus far.


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Mike Shaw when he busts through a wide open hole, kicks it into high gear, and takes it to the house...

Cameron Gordon when he busts up some unsuspecting wide reciever...

and Will Campbell when he busts up plays in the backfield.

Go Blue!


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Come on guys, the season hasn't even started. Everyone knows that you can't declare someone a bust until the first game has been played. *eye roll*