Who else has their Harbaugh?

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Here's some Linda Richmond Coffee Talk for your Friday morning:
What other program has had a very successful prodigal son type come back to coach and also succeed? (Yes, 20 wins in two years is success, the fact that some M fans are upset just means we're back)
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I can think of a couple. I think Spurrier fit the bill for Florida (Heisman winner, came back and coached to a MNC).
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Also in our non-active category I'd put Da Coach Mike Ditka (hall of fame, NFL champ tight end comes back to coach Superbowl champs). 
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In terms of active coaches, the only one in my mind is Northwestern and Fitzgerald. Success may be measured differently there, but he's one of their best players and one of their best coaches ever. Anyone else fit the bill? 
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Kliff isn't a good enough coach to qualify. He just squandered the greatest QB talent Tech has ever had. Mahomes finished with a sub 500 career record and played three straight years of hero ball. Kliff couldn't even field a mediocre defense.

The Baughz

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I don't really think there are any others. Roy Williams went to UNC but never made the varsity team. Yes, UNC bball has a JV and varsity team. I can't think of anyone else off the top of my head.

Winchester Wolverine

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a different Jason

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P. J. Fleck, after he gets fired from Minnesota in 2022, moves down to Northern Illinois (his alma mater), and leads them to several MAC championships and the odd BCS bid.


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but what Pat Fitzgerald does at Northwestern is incredible IMO. I'm not sure anyone does more with less/gets more out of his players than Fitzgerald does. The guy has consistently competitive teams with mostly NR-2* types at Northwestern. They'll have a bad year in-between 7-9 win seasons and they often play the better teams on their schedule very tough. Stupid meathead jump aside I think he's a damn fine coach.


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Mario Lemieux in Pittsburgh bought the Penguins and saved the team from bankruptcy and moving. Was a player and an owner.


Also Jackie Moon was a player and a coach for the Flint Tropics 


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Oh they exist. Days after the osu game someone posted on the board, "do you consider Harbaugh on the hotseat for next season?"


Let's just say I realize it's pointless to yell at people on the internet but I had to that day. He tried to defend himself and say some shit about how he didn't consider Harbaugh on the hot seat but he was asking if others would. In a world of dumb posts, it was the worst I've ever seen on here from the question that was asked standpoint. That user certainly ended up in Bolivia. 


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I can think of a few current cases and some potential cases that fit the "alumni" portion but not the "success" portion yet.

Mike Gundy at Oklahoma State certainly.  He has had that program at as high of a level as it's been over the past 6-7 seasons.

Troy Calhoun at Air Force. Actually graduated from the Academy and served his active duty.

Pat Fitzgarald and Paul Chryst at Northwestern and Wisconsin, respectively. I think both Fitz and NW will have each other as long as the other is willing. Chryst grew up in Madison and played at Wisconsin, and finished 11-3 in his first season there with perhaps the toughest schedule in the country, so he has to be included.

Bryan Harsin at Boise State. Played QB at Boise in the late 90s and, while the program slipped a bit at the end of 2015 and into 2016, they remain strong and a contender in the MWC.

Everyone seemingly keeps anticipating Stanford to fall under David Shaw, but that hasn't happened yet.

Scott Satterfield has Appalachian State at their traditional high level as a contender in their conference, now the Sun Belt. Satterfield played at App in the mid 90s.


POTENTIAL candidates (fit the alumni criterion but not the succes as of yet).

Nick Rolovich (Hawaii), Mark Richt (Miami, YTM), Kliff Kingsbury (TX Tech), Kirby Smart (Georgia), Kalani Sitake (BYU), Barry Odom (Missouri).

Year of Revenge II

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PLEASE---I am begging you, take down that picture of 1966 Spurrier, as I believe I am getting incurably ill, but I cannot look away.  

(Okay, nm, I will just click out of the thread, but the pictures were interesting.)


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Shug Jordan at Auburn. He played for Auburn in the 1930s and came back in the 1950s to lead them to a national championship. The stadium is named after him.

The Krusty Kra…

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While the success has evaded (or in WMU's case, not begun yet) them so far, you could argue that Bono at CMU and Lester at WMU are those big alumni hires. Bono says he never wants to leave Mt. Pleasant. Lester may eventually move on from WMU but he was among their more notable QB's of the past couple decades (to be honest I only remember him, Terrell and Tim Hiller but w.e.) I'm curious to see what happens in Kzoo now that the boat is no longer being rowed.