Who do you listen to/follow on Gameday (in-game Twitter/radio/etc.)

Submitted by Jacoby on August 16th, 2018 at 12:47 PM

Another season of Fat Man Chess approaches. If you're like me, you have particular Gameday habits. In the hour or so leading up to the game and all the way through it, I like to get a bit more nuanced info than the average TV color and play-by-play commentator gives. So I like to follow a few choice Twitter feeds to inform me of what surprises are afoot (who is starting and substituting, what odd schemes are being used, etc.). My question for you: are there any specific Twitter feeds you follow on Gameday that you find to be really helpful? For example, specific former players or MGoBlog people or others?

Also, every year I try to figure out some way to stream WJR's Jim Brandstetter call so I can hear him live while watching the game on TV. But I've never quite been able to make it work, and lining up the audio so that it matches the TV would be touch. Has anyone figured out how to link live radio broadcasts to live TV for Michigan games? 

On a related note, I appreciate the time and effort that our MGoBlog overlords have put into making the Gameday LiveBlog thing work, but I've found it is so much content that it ends up distracting me from watching the game. Not to mention that there is a lot of harsh nonsense and freaking out whenever anything is imperfect.



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I usually just have the game commentary on...  I know I know, most people can't stand the TV announcers, but usually I have a couple buddies over watching the game (we all provide much more entertaining commentary than the TV guys do) and I'm usually tending to something on the grill or smoker during the game anyways.  It's a good outlet to walk out to my back porch during commercials, even for two minutes and check on whatever is in the grill/smoker.  I always look forward to the feeling of relief after a Michigan victory and of course a celebratory shot of high end bourbon which has become custom after every Michigan win!


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I don't know, man....the folks here that have a Twitter presence collectively make a pretty good peanut gallery and something I like to call "The Way South End Zone" in honor of my seats.


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I agree, listening on the radio can be more entertaining. I try to line up audio and pause/play tv to get it just right. I use the referee announcements as a good place to match the audio since they come through the audio feed pretty well. 


Blue and Joe

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I listen to a Michigan Marching Band album and stream WTKA while I make breakfast and get ready for the day. Usually have College Gameday on in the background as well. I have a Twitter account just for Michigan sports, which is always great on game days. 


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Deep in the hollers of West Virginia during the fall ... I go on siriusxm.com to find the channel the Michigan game will be on, then tune to that for the game.  I have satellite internet, but streaming video burns too much bandwidth, so I just listen on Sirius.  I will check this site for game threads as the game goes on.


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There's this show I watch most Saturdays.  It's a bit under the radar and may be tough to find in your viewing area.  Guy by the name of Reese hosts it...I'm not really a fan and I liked the last guy, I think Chris was his name.  Anyway, there's a guy who went to a rival school, Kirk, and he's actually pretty good but that is my opinion only.  Oh man, every now and then the old, senile guy will drop an eff-bomb on the "air".  He'll shoot a musket rifle on set at times too.  He's a real hoot but probably past his prime.


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Watch each and every play at least twice looking for nuance.  Catch up at halftime.  Radio is always playing in another room so that I can keep current if I have to.  My younger son always calls from Media, PA at halftime and after game to go over how we have been cheated.

Ah! Tradition.


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The best way that I have found to listen to Brandstatter while watching the game is to listen to the broadcast online through mgoblue.com and use DVR to sync them up. The only downfall to this is if you change the channel you have to redo the syncing process. 


I don't change the channel while watching Michigan games so it works like a charm for me. 


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I watch Youtube TV and listen to old Bob Ufer tapes independent of what is happening in the game because while it is usually chaos when they do synch, it is magic.


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They do a really nice job of play-by-play & color--- all without advertisements.

Tends to sync-up better with the TV broadcasts than the commercial radio feed too. 

Mr Grainger

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I keep it simple. I listen to the Michigan radio broadcasts. No TV, no internet. If they win I want to celebrate with Brandy and Co. If they lose, those guys will share my pain. I can look at the highlights online later.


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Hey Jacoby,

I post something about this every year, so I figure its about that time.  If you would like to watch the Michigan game video with our radio audio you can do it. 

So here is what you need to know; if you have the game on live on your tv the terrestrial radio is ahead of the video, so you are sort of out of luck.  Here is where the magic of technology comes to your rescue.  First thing, you have to have some sort of DVR to make this work, you must also have a relatively strong internet connection as well, most likely wireless.

The secret is that the internet radio feed is delayed by about sixty seconds beyond the video.  So using your phone/tablet or whatever go to the mgoblue.com site and load up the game audio.  Sometimes it takes a couple of tries as I imagine their site gets absolutely barraged during game time.  Also the feed will most likely drop out at some point during the game, usually happens once or twice per game for me.  Still its not a huge problem to set up, and I personally then run a wire from my tablet to my stereo to make it loud.  So now you have video that is running about sixty seconds ahead of your audio.  At this point you can use your DVR to sync things up, its a bit of a pain but after a few plays and timing out the snap you should be able to get it pretty dead on.

ONE BIG WARNING though.  You are now watching the game about 60-90 seconds behind everyone on the net, so Twitter and Mgoblog game chat will tell you things before they happen.  This isnt a huge deal for me, but I could see it driving some folks nuts.  I try not to look but when its a big 3rd down I know from the tone of the chat whether something good or bad happened, so be aware.

Hope this helps!

Nervous Bird

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I like that homer-cast of Brandstatter and Dierdorf! The Michigan football 'inside' jokes, the stories about Bo and past games, the Dierdorf hyperbole, and the "Touchdown MICHIGAN!" Brandstatter call does it for me. 

M Go Cue

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I just watch the game(s) on TV.  Twitter has become such a toilet, especially on game day. Give me the sound of the game and the sound of the grill and I’m in Heaven.

Oregon Wolverine

August 17th, 2018 at 2:13 AM ^

DVR every game.  So I listen to the gamecast feed, skipping commercials and halftime show.

I love M, bleed maize from one arm, blue from the other, but 3.5 to 4.5 hours is just out of the question.  I’ve got kids, a great garden, and miles to walk w/my dog or ride on my Roubaix.  I can watch a DVR game in under two hours, less if it’s a blessed route.

No way to listen to Brandy and Dan on delay, but really I liked Beckman and of course Ufer better.  

As a lad in the 70s, BA and JD in the 80s, I’d rather listen to Ufer call the game than watch it (let alone watch and listen) on TV, or at least listen to Bob’s cotton pickin’ heart boil over the airwaves w/the TV on but it’s sound off.

I used to bring a hand-held radio to the games to hear Ufer 2, n I wasn’t the only one.  Those were magical years.  And under Harbaugh, the best is yet to come.

I wish I’d be traveling to S Bend in 15 days...


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Come Football season I'll take Brian and Ace off seasonal timeout on twitter. I'll save the wtka roundtable session for Saturday am and listen to it before the game. Works great.