Who do we fill out 2018 with?

Submitted by maizeonblueaction on July 7th, 2016 at 3:19 PM

Looking at our schedule, obviously we have three major games away in 2018, but it looks like we still have an empty spot for a game. Who do we fill it with? Does the answer to that question potentially change your mind about how desirable the scheduling set up with ND was?


A cursory glance shows that USC and Stanford are free that day.


I Like Burgers

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After looking through P5 2018 schedules quickly, here is who has Sept. 8 open:




Florida State



Va Tech (but already has 4 OOC games)

Wake Forest

TCU (has Ohio State the following week)

Texas Tech

West Virginia


Florida (4 OOC games scheduled)

Georiga (4 OOC games scheduled)


Ole Miss

South Carolina



Those are your sexy options.


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Did Pac-12 go to 9 conference games? Because they already have 3 non conference games scheduled in 2019. But maybe we could return the trip in 2020? That would probably be better from Manuel's standpoint due to the 4 home conference games in odd years.


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It's not just arrogant; it's like lighting cigars with 100.00 bills. Lots of shit in this world, and I am sure you wouldn't have to look too far in any direction from Michigan Stadium or Reynolds Razorback Stadium to find a nice charity that could use say 1 million a piece. Additionally, it gives the Big Guy fuel to say Michigan wanted no part of us and paid us 2 million dollars to get out of the scheduled game. 

I like the ND game, but seeing we're playing them in 2019 why could we not have waited another year if that would void our obligation to pay. I don't think any member of a big time P5 school needs gifts from members of other conferences. I can't recall us doing it before and if it is, indeed, true I don't like the precedence. 


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Fair enough. OTOH, it kind of sends a message that M Football can do whatever the hell it wants and if that means telling Arkansas to take a $2M hike so we can play ND, well, M doesn't have to worry about the money. I'd feel differently if M used student fees to fund athletics. But we don't, so I have no problem with this.


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if we don't give a shit all about $2 mil then bring the band to road/neutral games, lower ticket costs, put students at midfield, give it to Mott's, anything but this


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which is why it's gonna happen!

you know what's beyond stupid is allow ND to cancel with practically no notice after an extra home game on "gentlemen's agreement", schedule a bunch of quality replacement and then pay them millions to kiss irish ass and get them back on the schedule, first game at notre dame...so they can betray us again. Seriously watch manuel not bother with a buyout clause for 2019 and ND will cancel the return game

I Like Burgers

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Honestly, the random ass SEC schedule may be a good part of the reason they always have major cupcake scheduled.  "Want to play cupcake" is also a very large part of things, but it is easier to schedule someone decent when you know you have to work it in during the first 4-5 games.  But when the whole calendar is "maybe we have a conf game this week, maybe we don't" that's kind of a bitch planning wise.


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Realistically probably a low P5 cupcake. Oregon State or Colorado type. Otherwise we'd have just moved the Arkansas game up a week or scheduled ND for the open week.


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A Fan In Fargo

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I vote to invite USC to come for one game to the Big House. Pay them money and kick their asses once and for all. Show them what home field advantage is really about. ND and USC would be the greatest couple weeks of football ever.