Who dictates running back substitutions?

Submitted by UMxWolverines on October 14th, 2017 at 1:27 PM
Can we fire them at half? This is the most maddening thing I've ever seen.



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I am simply pointing out that they did the same last year. I am guessing it is a Jim Harbaugh thing.

If it means anything at all, I would prefer a go to RB with 20-25 carries per game. In addition, Evans would be the last guy off of the bench right now as he is simply not getting the job done.


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Incidentally, I worked with several UM football players this summer and they all said their least favorite coach was Jay. Basically that he knows next to nothing and increases the workload of other coaches who have to teach his positions themselves. 


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Jay harbaugh needs to be jims personal assistant or what minick was and not be a coach. Hamilton needs go to cuz pretty sure he's WR coach? WR's can't block without holding and don't know how to get open against a zone defense


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If you were a football coach you would know that when a RB is clearly the only one that’s had good runs during the day, you sit them. Higdon is clearly showing up his teammates and a coaches job is to make sure that nobody is above anyone else.

Back to the bench until you learn to run directly into the anus of your left guard.


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The RB coach, other than having input on the RB depth chart, does not make substitutions. The insane RB substitutions are directly on the great Jim Harbaugh

Glen Masons Hot Wife

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whats the problem you fucking whining idiots.

The RB's are the least of our problems on offense. Theyre playing well. Whats your problem???

You want to blame something? Blame maybe the playcalling, but more likely the QB and O-Line recruiting. Quit drinking and go to bed.

Mr. Yost

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Jay Harbaugh does...and we were much better when Wheatley was the RB coach.

When he left and Jay took over, there were a NUMBER of people on here telling me "the RB coach has the least impact on the position of any position coach." or "The RB is nothing but a recruiter."

Bullshit. I saw Wheatley COACHING his guys up on the sidelines...how many fumbles did we have last year from the RBs? 

The rotation is one thing...but I haven't seen RBs make adjustments like they did last year. Wheatley is one of the best RB coaches in the country (NFL or college)...Jay Harbaugh should be special teams coach.


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All of the backs have had solid runs with the exception of Evans, who is the victim of misuse I think. I think Isaac was just the unlucky guy who had to run inside zone into the teeth of a blitz.