Who considers us their Main Rival?

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So, TV during the game the announcing crew mentioned that Iowa's seniors were trying to go 4-0 against their "main rival." They did mention that it is not mutual, which, duh, but this was news to me none the less. I also figured Iowa viewed Wisconsin or Iowa State or some other corn school their rival (not Nebraska since they havent played much until recently). In terms of teams I know of, and assuming the announcers are correct, the teams that consider us their #1 rival are:





And then Notre Dame generally views USC as their main rival, although my coworkers (many ND alums) did mention that lately they've hated Michigan much more because of the nature of the 2009-11 wins.

Aside from those 4 teams, what other teams consider Michigan their "main rival" if any? Is there any other team in college football that is seen as the main rival of FOUR teams? Two I can understand, but 4-5 (depending how you view ND) seems absolutely ridiculous. Why on earth would Iowa/Illinois try to hitch up to Michigan when its clearly never going to be a legitimate rivalry?



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The two Iowa fans I know don't hate Michigan at all. They consider Minnesota their main rival, with Iowa State a distant second, and they harbor a passionate, contemptuous hatred for Illinois that I think primarily dates from the Deon Thomas recruitment (although I think it had started earlier, maybe during Mike White time).


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(grumpy old man voice) In my day the Iowa fans treated Iowa State fans the same way Michigan fans regard the MSU faithful.  Though that was during the Iowa run of 15 wins in a row, so maybe a little life of late out of Iowa State has made Iowa acknowledge Iowa State's existence.  It might have a lot to do with that 2002 game.


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 Totally disagree! Iowa State is a wayward step-sister to the Hawkeyes. Even the trophy sucks and is lampooned. (see Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk Trophy) Went to Iowa for grad school and except for Floyd of Rosedale most Iowa students and staff members consider us to be their main rival and big game each year even basketball.  I never understood it and was amazed at the number of students that would tell me what a great rivalry Iowa and UofM were and the joy they had when they beat us.  I remember thinking how we didn’t even know they existed until the later stages of Hayden Fry or  Lute Olsen/BJ Armstrong.    (Although being in the stands next to Scarcelli’s dad when Houghtlin kicked that field goal was one of the suckier days of my life.)


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I think much of the B1G probably hates us most next to their 'main' rival because we basically clubbed them for a full century. Illinois may hate us the most and then I'm sure Minnesota, Iowa, Illinois, and Purdue have a similar disdain for the maize and blue.


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It boggles my mind how much Illinois cares about beating us when they are so bad at it. I'm not sure they realize that we don't care about them; do they think it's a rivalry?


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Illinois' take is:

1. They had a slush fund scandal in 60's when Pete Elliott was the AD.
2. Gary Moeller wasn't successful there and Bo lambasted the UI administration for lack of support.
3. Bo hated Mike White's use of juco transfers and was vocal about it in the 80's. Illinois actually threatened to leave for the big12!
4. 1989 final four.
5. Nancy Cantor.

There's a few more things going back to the Yost / Red Grange era that I can't remember, but the bottom line is the two universities haven't always seen eye to eye. Contrast that to the closeness Bo/Moeller/Carr had ( still do) to the Iowa administration and coaching staff

Avant's Hands

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I feel pretty safe saying that IU and Purdue consider their game the main rivalry.

I feel like NW considers Illinois their biggest rival

NU probably doesn't have one yet in the B1G. I think it should be Wisconsin (the uniforms), NW (play to be called NU for the year), or Iowa (someone make a corn trophy), but if the division ends up coming down to NU and M most years I could see a rivalry developing.

Minny and Wisconsin definitely consider their game the biggest rivalry, although I imagine we are a distant second to Minnesota with the Jug and all.

PSU is a possibility. They don't really have a main rivalry that I know of, but I would think theirs is OSU. They do hate them some Michigan, though.



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I wouldn't be surprised to see Nebraska and M both consider each other their biggest rival as time goes on. This does not make me happy, but it seems the Big Ten wants that to be the case, and wants OSU/PSU to be the other big conference rivalry.

I realize nobody on this board will ever think of Nebraska like that, but what about kids, grandkids and on down the line? If our game with them determines the division most years (and I'd guess it will) and thus a shot at the Rose Bowl, that's exactly how rivalries develop over time.


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Look at the numbers, no matter whether its all-time, last 50 years, or whatever, NU-UM are the consistent 70% + winning programs in the Legends, and will be locking horns to win the division. After awhile, this will turn into a serious rivalry, whether its built on hate, respect, a yearly slobernockering race to get the the CCG, or something else.

That's NOT a dissing of honorable, ancient UM traditions, all of which make CFB the great game it is. Go ahead hating OSU, MSU, even ND. But winners want to win on the playing field they're given to compete on. Hey, we loved our Thanksgiving tussle with Oklahoma. But that's "Gone With The Wind".

It could happen faster than the next generation. Say we split the Legends 50-50 over that period, pretty reasonable assumption. That's a load of frustration whether you're blue or red. NU fans already have set our sights this way, after  going through this in the XII, it can happen pretty fast.



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What do you think the Husker reaction would have been if the divisions had been split up the same way but with Nebraska and Penn State headlining one or the other? Would there have been a different reaction than hearing it was Nebraska/Michigan?

Also, I'm sure a rivalry of some sort will develop, like you say, but I just can't see anyone of even high school age feeling the same way about Nebraska that they do about OSU anytime soon. I honestly think we could do this whole "7-1 and finish second" thing ten seasons in a row and it wouldn't do anything to change the feeling that Nebraska is a great/cool new addition (albeit said with a good deal more sarcasm/disdain than these days) and Ohio State embodies a way of life that needs to get beaten down by way of football scores.


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Everyone. I've been to games at most other schools in the league. Iowa, psu, illinois: They're always shocked to hear that we don't consider them out main rival.


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I've heard from quite a few Penn State fans that consider us to be their main rival.  They are kind of the "third wheel" in the flag-state-school-football-powerhouse-rivalry that is Michigan and ohio. 

Actually, we're second only to Honesty and Protecting Innocence as Penn State's most hated foe.


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Here's my list:

OSU - Michigan

Michigan - OSU

Indiana - Purdue

Purdue - Indiana (or ND)

MSU - Michigan

Wisconsin - OSU

Nebraska - I would say Michigan now, but Oklahoma historically

Iowa - Iowa St.

Minn. - Iowa

Penn St. - OSU

Illinois - Northwestern

Northwestern - Illinois



Mich Mash

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...the only teams, I believe, that legitimately and unanimously consider us their main rival are Ohio and Michigan State.  I think you are confounding true rivalry with general hatred of an opponent.  Anecdotally, I have really hated MSU the past 4 years, but I still consider Ohio our MAIN rival.  The only possible exception to this is Illinois who probably "gets up" for the Michigan game more than any other on their schedule, however I believe Northwestern is still their main rival.



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No, we're Slippery Rock's big brother.

But Slippery Rock is the little brother who's a decade younger than you and thinks you're just the greatest thing since sliced bread. You bring Slippery Rock to the ice cream stand during the summer and then go kick a soccer ball around

Michigan State, on the other hand, is that annoying brat 2 years younger than you who constantly wants to prove that whatever you can do, he can do too.