Who Chris Barnett is recruiting

Submitted by dwightlongfellow27 on April 20th, 2011 at 12:11 AM
I was looking through tweets about zeke pike. Chris Barnett had a tweet (I don't know how to put the link in from my iPhone so I am just going write it word for word) " haha well I got Royce to commit, now I am working on Jordan diamond, j.j denman, Terry Richardson and zeke pike... a few more too. So if Chris can get some of these guys. He is doing great for us before he even hits the field.



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It's hilarious.  I just came here after doing the same.  I Googled "Zeke Pike" and hit "realtime"  and got this:


  1. @Cbarnett2011@hansong82 haha well i got rocye to commit, now im working on jordan diamond, j.j denman, terry richardson and zeke pike.. a few more too

    Twitter - 34 minutes ago

  2. joshuareese84‎ RT @Sabanocchio: Hampton Vol/LV on QB Zeke Pike "i feel very confident in saying he committed to the UT staff on his visit."

    Twitter - 36 minutes ago

  3. Sabanocchio‎ Hampton Vol/LV on QB Zeke Pike "i feel very confident in saying he committed to the UT staff on his visit."

    Twitter - 38 minutes ago

  4. FSUROCKER‎ Tomorrow Zeke Pike will choose Auburn making the battle for Jameis Winston, clearly a two-team race. I'd still say #Bama.

    Twitter - 1 hour ago

  5. cbarrett14‎ Zeke Pike announces tomorrow #goblue

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  6. rphuman‎ RT @michigan39@TomVH Zeke pike told me on fb hes going to Michigan. Im not joking either. Just so you know. he told me "U M"

    Twitter - 1 hour ago

  7. KdotTravis‎ Calling Zeke Pike to Auburn

    Twitter - 2 hours ago

  8. BTW - TomVH responded to that @michigan39 and told him not to get his hopes up.



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He was once a Michigan commit.

Pike's situation can be similar IMO

Nothing is certain until the fat lady sings (on NSD and beyond). If during the season Auburn's situation changes - we can well see him come back to Michigan.



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Except coaching uncertainty played a large factor in Dee Hart's lack of commitment.

There is zero coaching uncertainty at UM for Pike.  The people recruiting him will absolutely be here next year unless they fall into a giant hole in the earth.


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Supposedly our looming excessive practice Sanctions hurt us in the recruiting realm....yet recruits looking at Auburn dont even as much blink an eye to their sanctions on the horizon... Why would pike choose auburn over Michigan right now is beyond me....but I will be very happy with russell Bellomy.


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As a former college football player, the better weather argument always blows my mind.  Why would anyone want to play in the deep south during August in all of that heat (other than if you grew up with it)?!  80 degrees and humid in football pads is bad enough, I'd hate to have to deal with it being another 15-20 degrees...