Who are your favorite c/o 2012 Michigan signees? (or who are you most excited to see)

Submitted by Mr. Yost on February 3rd, 2012 at 9:35 AM

I know, we love ALL of the guys that chose to play for MICHIGAN. If you're uncomfortable picking favorites...that's understandable, please move on.

But naturally many people have favorite players. Or guys that for whatever reason you decide to follow from the day they committed or signed with Michigan.

With that said let's your hear TOP 3 Favorite Players in THIS year's recruiting class.

I ask because there are some pretty good story lines:

...or maybe you grew up next to Ben Braden or Matt Godin went to your alma mater. I don't know, but who are your 3 favorite Michigan signees?

Should be interesting to hear everyones response and why!



February 3rd, 2012 at 5:01 PM ^

1. Ondre Pipkins: strength, quickness off the ball, acceleration excellent for size. 3-4 year starter to NFL. graduate probability 70% (as of now) 2012 Starter.

2. Joe Bolden : 3 to 4 year starter. 2012 Starter. Alongside or ahead of Desmond Morgan

3. Dennis Norfleet: Has to be on the field as a Freshman. Needs 10 lb muscle to frame. Lightning in a bottle. We were all upset at Dee Hart's flip, but this guy is gonna definately make up for that miss, so buckle up! This guy needs a nickname. 3 year starter. Since Fitz is the starter and earned it, limited minutes should keep DNamite from shining until Air Force or the game after but cant wait.

4. Amara Darboh - Great Story. Lack of WR depth and Stonum's unfortunate incidents provide a real opportunity for Darboh to get quality looks as a Freshman alongside Gallon and Roundtree.

5. Kyle Kalis : Just needs to figure out RT or RG!!! Nuff Said!!!


February 3rd, 2012 at 7:54 PM ^

1. James Ross: The instincts this kid plays with as a linebacker are things you don't see every day. Put that with his tackling and coverage abilities and I think we have an all american on our hands down the road.

2. Royce Jenkins-Stone: Before the recruiting process started for the 2012 class, RJS was the one recruit that I wanted the most. He has the physical tools to wreak havoc to opposing backfields in the future. I do expect him to redshirt however because he is a bit raw right now.

3. Devin Funchess: Other people have already said this, but the mismatches this kid will present when he steps on the field will greatly benefit us. He quite possibly could see the field this year, but I think it will be 2-3 years from now when Devin takes full advantage of those mismatches once he adds a little more weight and speed.

4. Jarrod Wilson: It has been so long since we have seen a true ball-hawking safety in our secondary and I think Wilson will finally be that guy. He could have the benefit of redshirting depending on how how Thomas Gordon plays (which I'm sure he will do great) this year, so I look forward to having him back there in the secondary.

5. Willie Henry: Pipkins is getting all the love, which I 110% agree with, but I think Henry will be that sidekick to Pipkins that Jared Crick was for Nebraska when Suh demolishing offensive lines. With Pipkins getting double (maybe even triple teamed by some teams hopefully) Henry will be one on one very frequently and from his highlights, it shows he has the burst and acceleration to be a force in opponents backfields. Now I know Henry will need a couple years to get the added weight and quickness to be like this, but that's what I envision down the road.