Who are the coaches? (Not to be confused with couches......)

Submitted by Blue in Yarmouth on November 4th, 2009 at 2:12 PM

After seeing a million and one posts/threads regarding what UM should be doing I just came to the end of my rope.

Seriously, whether you like RR or not, he is a proven football coach as are his assistants and Coordinators. It makes me laugh (and sometimes bang my head against my desk) when I read all these comments from people on this site about "We should play DR in the slot" or "We should move this player to that spot".

It's like these guys have been to all the practices, watched all the game tape and are educated enough in football to be able to make these types of decisions.

I think I can speak for most people on this site when I say we trust that RR and company are making the best decisions they can under the circumstances, and aren't intentionally playing a person out of position just so they can lose games. Lets leave these decisions to the guys that actually have knowledge about these players and their abilities. Trust that when someone isn't playing somewhere, it is because they aren't good enough to.

Sorry, I just needed to vent.

Edit* there are a few here who's e-pinions on things of this nature I do trust (Magnus, Sharik,GSimmons etc) because they have proven to be very knowledgeable about these things. When I see these types of comments from others, I simply laugh.



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I would like to play a pro-style offense, but we really don't have the personnel for it. I'm just more of a fan of downfield passing with a lot of slants and crossing routes and running the ball up the middle. This, as opposed to a side to side running game and a lot of screen passes and the zone read plays, which rely a lot on one player making a move to gain some yards, or on the qb to make the correct read.

So, while i believe that a pro-style is more effective, i also realize that its not a reality to run this kind of offense with the players that RR recruits. WIth RR we're gonna need to stick to the spread and hope that we can get the right players in the right spot and execute on offense.

Shalom Lansky

November 4th, 2009 at 2:36 PM ^

Remember a few years back when all those Spartans burned all their coaches in a riot? I know they were Spartan coaches but still that is rather cruel . . . Oh, wait, I might have gotten that mixed up.


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we like the thought of idiots like you smacking their heads on the desk on reading the comments of anonymous people on the interwebs?

Let people say what they want, you have the choice to read what you want don't you?


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When referring to Blue in Yarmouth are you referring to a violent action (Like Blue in your mouth (UM punched someone in their mouth (or in Yarmouth, MA (or in Yarmouth, Maine))))? Check out that Parenthetical.


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I think you are right that it probably doesn't make much sense to criticize the coaches on decisions of who is playing and at what position. After all, they see practice and and we don't (as you point out).

But we can still criticize certain play calls right? Decisions made in the heat of the moment...things like using Carlos Brown three times from the one yard line...right? right?


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We are. And we have spent countless Saturdays watching and rooting and pouring our spirited hearts out for this team.

Seriously , whether you like it or not, we can post our opinions and ideas....this is a blog. I am not saying I like all these posts about what we think should be done or not done but I choose to scan through them and read what I like. If I don't like it I just move along. But I don't belittle a whole online community for expressing their ideas about something they love.

Sorry man, I hope your day gets better!