Who all left that has not committed on the recruiting board

Submitted by AVPBCI on January 12th, 2013 at 10:35 PM

besides Derrick Green, who is all left out their that Michigan is pursueing


I know Green and Sebastian Larue, and Cameron Hunt and the tackle from Colorodo, Reon Dawson.


Who all else is out their with Michigan Offers that has not committed ?



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If you go on touchthebanner.blogspot.com, there is a 2013 offer list, and it shows which school, if any, each recruit is committed to.  If you look at that, you can see all the uncommitted recruits who have offers from us.


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Sorry for the grammar , colin got a td on the packers...distracted, LOL

I live in Wisconsin and hate the Packers with a passion like I do Ohio and ND and the Badgers


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What? Who is leaving? Commits? On a side note...looks like 4 schools are visiting D. Green this week...are we one of them? I would assume Miami, Tenn, Auburn, who else? Hopefully Hoke.


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and the coaches clearly want another DB (preferably Reon Dawson, but maybe James Crawford) and they really want Derrick Green. Assuming Green and a DB commit, that's 2 of those 3 available scholarships. The last one could go to a o-lineman, a linebacker, or maybe a wide receiver. Cameron Hunt is still an option, Dan Skipper is a fading option, and Rueben Foster isn't coming here. If none of those 3 commit (which is entirely possible), the last scholarship could go to someone not on the map yet. Or they could bank it.