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NOBODY! Sorry, game week......so amped!



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in the Charlotte Observer listing eight bullet points of general interest about the upcoming season. Curiously, one of the lead observatiions and a picture to illustrate it, is that of our beloved head coach. And the tease header reads, time for Harbaugh to put up or shut up. Starting his second year, and he is already on the clock.

The gist of the point of the Orlando Sentinel writer is that a year after his arrival at Michigan, Harbaugh needs to get his team to the college football playoff to actually justify all the hype that he has helped generate about the program. And this is all because he has commented publicly on twitter about other coaches and promoted satellite camps.

This is the kind of media scorn that awaits thie team and program should it stumble and fail to reach the lofty heights of preseason expectations. Not that his hasn't always been the case for this program, But now the stakes are higher.

I am not concerned about this program's trajectory, and haven't been since our new coach was hired, but certainly there are others just waiting for a misstep. And anything can happen in this game. We should all realize the whole world is watching what happens in Ann Arbor this season.

Sione's Flow

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Sure everyone is looking for missteps, that's what happens when a brash coach who marches to the beat of his own upsets the established order of things. He punked the SEC and ACC with satellite camps, then he punked the NCAA when the ban was overturned. They can't adjust to the fact that our coach is going to do and say what he damn well pleases in the limits of the rulebook.


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Watched the Valor game again today ...Harbaugh talk the whole game.

Watched the OH vs PA game a bit and Harbaugh came up ...

Fox CFB Preview show on now ...lots of Harbaugh.

Time to Put Up or Shut Up ...? He put up last year in the first season.

Mr. Elbel

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you miss the whole point of this saying. you don't only say it when you're on top of the world, you say it when you get to walk and bounce basketballs on the way to school instead of drive. you say it when things might not be the best they can be right now, but you have a positive outlook anyway. it's blunt enthusiasm. and apparently you're just another part of mankind who doesn't get it.


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I must admit to being pretty hyped about this season, perhaps moreso than last because we've now seen a year under Harbaugh and what he can get out of a team. I think at the end of last year we had hope for the future under Harbaugh, and now with this season we get to see the future begin, or at least that's how it works in my mind. In any case, getting through this week will be hard and productivity may elude me. 


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A bit of a stupid "expectation", because the hype isn't exactly bluster and B.S. It comes from not only what Harbaugh did year one, plus the guys he brought in so far, combined with his track record from every place he's been. RR might have been a bit of a mirage, Hoke was more hope than anything else; Harbaugh is proven from multiple jobs and at multiple levels. He'll do the same at Michigan what he's done everywhere he's been. THAT'S why we're all hyped.

/oops. Should have been a reply to CharBlue


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i was wearing the michigan shirt "Who's got it better than us, NOOOBOOODY" yesterday and the cashier at the movie theater said Georgia when i got to the front.  To which I replied, "No." 


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i was wearing the michigan shirt "Who's got it better than us, NOOOBOOODY" yesterday and the cashier at the movie theater said Georgia when i got to the front.  To which I replied, "No." 


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And yes, it's WAY TOO EARLY for any kind of accurate weather prediction, but...the NWS indicates as of right now that it's looking super nice for the game on Saturday. Mostly sunny, with a high near 78. That would put early morning tailgating temps somewhere between 55 and 65, I would think. 

It wouldn't get much better than that, especially for the first game of the season where (normally), it can be in the borderline unbearably hot range.



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It's relative. And I don't live in Michigan, I drive up from Southern Uh-hia for every home game. And, well...it's been brutally hot and humid where I live this summer too, for sure. Mid-90s with air so thick you could slice with a knife.

But, in those metal bleachers at the Big House, on an 88-degree day in early September (or sometimes very late August), with near 110,000 bodies in very close proximity? Well, let's just say that it can sure get a tad uncomfortable, to say the least.

So yup, I hope that early forecast holds, but in any event...GO BLUE!