Who's got Center?

Submitted by Blazefire on February 25th, 2012 at 11:54 AM

Okay, quick question gentlemen, since I haven't seen it covered anywhere else. I know that we didn't pick up anyone with the 2012 class that projects to center, and that after this season, we'll have one natural center on scholarship. We've now completed our five man haul on the 2013 O line, and likely won't be taking any more O-lineman unless a top 10 guy wants to commit.

Question is, who in the 2013 class projects to center? They're all 6'5" and above, and all listed as OT's on Rivals.



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I hadn't heard that, but I wondered if that wasn't the case.

I don't think it matters too much, because with this many quality O-lineman, odds are ONE of them can snap the ball and still block effectively, so whatever, but I'm glad they picked one up who is specifically being recruited for the position.


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I think that a lot of this C talk will come down to who picks up the blocking schemes and blitz package recognition the fastest. C is usually the QB of the line, so having a higher understanding of the game is crucial. That being said, both Bosch and Dawson will be contenders, as both are definetly athletic enough. 

LTT and Fox seem to have OT written all over them.... Fox has one of the nastier dispositions ive seen in a HS offensive linemen in a while. (see Kyle Kalis)


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Kugler may be able to play center.  They said that Dawson could be a possibility too.  And as we all know, press reports of height and weight are grossly innacurate.  Kugler is probably more around 6'2" or 6'3" and should be able to handle center well.


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OL have a fairly low rate of panning out historically (closer to 50% than you'd think).  Ratings generally relate better to ceiling/NFL potential than they do to reliability (i.e. not flaming out). 

That said, most of these guys FEEL like they'll pan out...but (probably so did the '2005 OL class).

For this reason, Michigan needs numbers.  Hoke has done a fantastic job delivering them in these 2 classes.


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Rivals says he's 6'5" and I thought centers were generally like 6'2"-4" although I think everyone is calling Molk 'short' and he's 6'2". I guess I just thought 6'5" was more of a guard or tackle height (at least in college)


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I think I've read the key to the center is staying low ... not standing up when the ball is snapped.  If so, then isn't the key the player's technique (and football smarts) more than his height?  So even if 6'5" (i.e. Konz) that height can be perfectly okay for C provided other attributes are present?

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I think you have to attribute a lot of the O-line recruiting success to Coach Funk.  If you are a quality recruit and you follow  this blog at all; it couldn't have hurt that Funk's presentation at the coach's clinic last week was all business and not a single swear word used.  That has to mean something to parents, too.  I like the way this is heading.

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and he is regarded along with Molk as one of the top centers in this year's NFL Draft Class. I wouldn't read too much into a player's height particularly with Coach Funk running the o-line show.


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Several guys will always get work at Center as insurance.  If, as most of us hope, Miller has the starting position locked down in '13, if not '12, they'll still need a few backups.  One of them could very well be a freshman, probably Kugler (since as a coaches son, he'll presumably be more mentally ready than most freshman).  However, they'll still want a veteran backup or two, for spring ball at the very least.  That means a number linemen will get an opportunity to work at center. Veteran options on the interior are non-existant; Bryant's probably too big for OC.  So that means the '12 class will be heavily involved.   Leading center contender in the '12 class is Bars.  And, even though they're slated for tackle, it wouldn't surprise me to see Manguson and/or Kalis take some snaps there too, just for versatility and development.  Walk-on's could see their names listed on some 2-deeps as well...  Michigan is in a suboptimal situation on the interior OL in 2013 because of the previous recruiting classes.  Therefore you may see some guys at center who don't necessarily fit the prototype...especially if Miller doesn't pan out or is otherwise unavailable.


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As has been said a hundred times Kugler will play center, some are saying Dawson but I think he projects as an ideal guard. He is a road grater and has the athleticism to pull. Dawson seems to like the immediate contact rather than playing in space which is what Tackles must do. This O line class is loaded but even better yet well balanced.


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To play center ideally the player should have a low center of gravity. Thus if the legs are 3 feet long and the rest is upper body mass what the hell does it matter? Damn though if I ever seen one. Spikes should be size 16 EE for added stability. I can get on the cad Monday and generate the parameters of each player and send it over in IGES format. Just fucking around for the non-engineering community.