Who's gonna post Lou Anna Simon's bail?

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She was just arrested for lying to cops in the Nassar case.  Max is 4 years prison.

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I just don't get it.  I don't condone, but understand someone lying about money they have laundered and stolen.  I understand about lying to cover your own rear end about behavior you have committed.  I don't understand why you would lie to protect a child molester doctor.  What does lying do to protect you?  Why lie to cover up for him?  What a wicked web we weave....

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I had 8.5 hours of depositions today of former school board members who were in power when a coach abused three middle school aged boys, now men (two of which are my clients), over a many years.  

Their lack of remorse and inability to take responsibility would make most criminal defendants blush.  

For nearly three decades I’ve been a lawyer, and irrespective of the many challenging cases and clients I’ve had over the years — often in some horribly gruesome cases — by far the most accountability resistant people I’ve encountered are people who look the other way when there are HUGE RED FLAGS, BANNERS and CREDIBLE ALLEGATIONS OF CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE. 

Something about the cognitive dissonance created when an adult failed to follow their fundamental, anthropological mandate to protect a child, and are now confronted with the truth.  They, like JoePa, deny to the last day that they knew or should’ve seen the warning signs.  The rationalizations, justifications, and excuses are sickening.  

The abusers live in the fourth circle of hell, but the enablers, those who knew better but looked away and denied, they in eternity will reside in the fifth circle.  


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Tim Izzi is on the horn right now with his financial advisor to help pitch in. He said he's doing it for all the "survivors" and will be wearing a teal ribbon to boot. In other news, it's been a tough year for Tim.


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here are the details of her departure...maybe this will change with the arrest. Just solidifies the reason that skool needs to rot in a special part of hell.

"Lou Anna Simon's resignation from MSU comes with lifetime of perks"

~Michigan State University President Lou Anna Simon's resignation Wednesday night kicked in a number of special benefits she'll receive, including lifetime free tickets to MSU football games and a 12-month paid research leave if she returns to the faculty.

Simon's contract has a number of details about what she gets if she resigns. She can choose to return to the faculty, at which point she will get a 12-month research leave at her current salary of $750,000. She then gets her current salary for the next year and 75% of her salary for the next two years. She also gets office space and secretarial support. She also gets the title of "president emeritus."

The contract also spells out a number of lifetime perks Simon and her husband will receive.

  • Parking passes for on-campus parking
  • Two free tickets to home football games for the Spartan Club suites
  • Two free tickets to women's basketball games
  • The option to buy up to four men's basketball tickets in the same location she currently has seats
  • Reduced-price tickets for bowl games and post-season play for football, men's and women's basketball and ice hockey
  • Parking pass for all home sporting and cultural events


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What exactly are they alleging she did?  This confuses me, but I'm not very smart. 

"Simon told State Police investigators that she was aware that in 2014 an MSU sports medicine doctor was the subject of a Title IX investigation. The AG's Office says in the court documents that Simon knew that Nassar was the subject of that 2014 investigation."