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I dunno man.  The last letter I saw written in comic sans didnt go over really good and will likely be the root cause of Lebron leaving the end of the year so I'm going with the font, not the dick in East Lansing.

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This is what I always think of now when I think of Comic Sans.

Well, that and this one paper a colleague showed me where a 6th grader answered "Name two sports that people played in Europe during the Middle Ages" with 1000+ words detailing his opinions about spousal abuse in Ancient Greece, all Comic Sans, ALL CAPS.

Communist Football

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I know it's hard for newbies, so here you go. My username is a 2007 reference to Lloyd Carr's inability to defend dual-threat QBs:

With the game against the Gophers out of the way, Michigan has seen its last spread offense for the year (at least until its bowl game). Although some Wolverines said they didn't care what kind of offense they played, others said they're happy to know some more traditional ones are up next on the schedule. "Thank God. We're happy about that," linebackers coach Steve Szabo said. "I call that Communist football. I'm so tired of it. Good, red-blooded Americans snap the ball, hand it to the guy and have a normal run game or pass game."

carolina blue

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Would somebody please explain what the hell the obsession is with comic sans? I don’t understand why people deride it so much.  I see people all the time say “comic sans sighting”.  Who gives a fuck about the font I use? What am I missing?


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I think it's just that too many people wrote too many things in Comic Sans, and people grew sick of it.  Eventually it became a fad to deride it.  I'm a bit of a font geek, and while I can see its use for certain things (a very narrow set of things), seeing it on a resume, or a business letter, or a promotional brochure tells me the author thought it would be cute.  Or something.