Which team do you like to watch play - hoping they will lose

Submitted by mGrowOld on September 3rd, 2013 at 2:33 PM

As suggested by Butterfield here is my personal "Top 10" of viewing hate:

1. Notre Dame - I simply dislike everything about them and their fans

2. Penn State - Their unbelievable fan denial and "we're the victim here" attitude post Sandusky changed me from respect to hate.

3. Michigan State - Used to be #2.  Still love watching them find new and creative ways to lose

4. USC - Lane Kiffin, the stupid horse, the stupid fight song, the stupid "V" where they don't really make a V - more of a lazy peace sign and their stealing not one but TWO Rose Bowls from Bo thanks to the Pac 10 officiating crew

5. Florida - Miami - Florida State - Axis of evil.  Always overrated, always boring to watch

8. Texas - Notre Dame lite fanbase

9. Ohio State - I actually like beating them more when they have a good record but watching them lose is fun none-the-less.  Their ranking will go higher next year when we're in the same division.

10. Any SEC team playing out of conference - Because obviously

What's yours?





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1. Ohio St.*

2. Ohio St.*

3. Ohio St.*

4. Ohio St.*

5. Ohio St.*

6. Ohio St.*

7. MSU - Spart No! Hahahaah

8. Notre Dame - Just so full of themselves

9. SEC - Cause ESPN! (see: http://mgoblog.com/mgoboard/ms-shamepaint-perfectly-captures-essence-johnny-football#comment-2150407)

10. USC - Cause we can never beat them in the damned Rose Bowl!

******If I could actually stand to watch these guys at all, they would be one thru six. But seeing their jerseys, Urbz, the shoe, all make me very, very angry. Seeing them lose doesn't outweigh the hatred and anger I feel towards them enough for me to watch.


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Sparty is #1, but a close second is Nebraska since I now live in Omaha.  It's amazing how delusional the fans are, thinking their defense is going to be amazing... no, no it's not, your talent level, experience, and assistant coaching is all average at best on a good day.

Brick in The Wave

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I have lived in Western Nebraska for so long that Nebraska has to be #1 for me.  Their fans are delusional at best.  You should hear them talk about how Wyo's QB will be a top ten draft pick following his performance against them.  On Friday Wyoming was awful and wouldn't score a point on Monday they are world class.


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4 straight wins, a share of the conference title, and a Legends title pushed Sparty way up the list. But with Ohio's 12-0 season and Corch Urbz, nut nation has reclaimed its rightful spot on top the list of most despised.

L'Carpetron Do…

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Ohio State #1 , but there is a certain joy that comes with beating them when come in undefeated and/or in the national title race.  Sometimes late in the season I actually root for them to win so Michigan can take them down.

ND, Alabama, Florida, South Carolina - other SEC teams.  Any team who has ESPN on its jock.

I hate Wisconsin now, so them too.


Wee-Bey Brice

September 3rd, 2013 at 2:54 PM ^

Ohio 1st.

Sparty 2nd-9th. 

Louisville 10th. I dont know why but i've disliked them for a while now. Especially football because they're schedule usually consists of nobodies. Then of course the Nat'l championship happened. Ehhh... I enjoy watching them fail


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is 1.  I don't like Ohio to lose to anybody but us so they are not on my list.  My sleeper is Oklahoma.  They are just not as good as they are advertised and I like when it is proven every year in convincing style.  I don't care about Notre Dame.  They suck.


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1) OSU- Their fan base is the biggest group of apologists I've ever seen. Any Buckeye player is the greatest at their position, Urban Meyer is the best coach, they are the best team, and anyone who disagrees works for "ESPiN" and hates OSU. They are all convinced they're going to go 14-0 this year and I can't wait to seem them lose and for it not to happen.

2) MSU- Obvious reasons. One good 3 year stretch has them convinced they can compete with anyone, which they can't.

3) ND- Another rival fan base, I actually respect them the most of our three rivals. When we beat them, I feel nothing towards them, and couldn't care less about how they do. But when we lose, and years like last year happen, I just need to see them lose to prevent the "ND is Back" group from gaining steam.

4) Alabama- Someone needs to knock them off their high horse, although until someone does they are allowed to be up there.

5) Oklahoma- Never had anything but bad experiences with their fans. One of the cockiest groups I've ever seen. Of course it's a small, inconsequential sample size, but it's made me not a fan.

6) SEC

E. Gordon Gee

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 Urban Meyer is the best coach, they are the best team, and anyone who disagrees works for "ESPiN" and hates OSU. They are all convinced they're going to go 14-0 this year 

Preach brother preach. No shame in being honest here but this is very true among most fans. I hate how people get mad over Mark May, Luginbill, Howard, Schlabach and Co. sharing their opinon on ESPN about things that denigrate any part of the team. How dare Howard pick Michigan to win the Big Ten. The audacity of Luginbill to pick Devin Gardner to win Offensive POY in the Big Ten. How dare SEC writers say we'll find a way to lose to a SEC team. Frick them and their SEC bias attitude. The analysis of ESPN are entitled to their opinion and in someways its good to hear the contrasting views about OSU and how it's not all about us. Their opinions and reservations about Ohio State are valid and sound even if OSU has St.Urbz. Hearing others play the ESPN victim and media bias cards gets very annoying.

Saying that "they are all convicened they're going to go 14-0 this year" is a huge overstatement. Not sure how many OSU fans you personally know or if you're following our messages boards (11w, bucknuts, hineygate, buckeyeplanet....) but I get where you're coming from. The mantra of 25-0 to the title game we go is prevalent among our own which isn't unwarrented given our schedule. However, there are far and few between like myself that think this team will lose a game or two and not finish this season undefeated. Moreover, there are way too many people comfortable with overlooking Michigan and the success they're having in Ann Arbor. Michigan looks pretty dangerous from what glimps of the CMU game I saw. 

We've got a great team with lots of talent that's still developing and several question marks on defense and at RT. Could we run the table and go 14-0? Probably. However, I don't see it in the cards and think we'll slip up against either Michigan, Penn State or Northwestern or get left out all together IF OSU runs the table. Not all of us are homers nor drink the Urban Meyer 2nd year Kool Aid to think we're running the table this year. 

Not looking to slander my own, but I'd be lying if I didn't say that the points you highlight aren't 100% accurate of many in Buckeye Nation.  


September 3rd, 2013 at 2:59 PM ^

OSU, ND, USC(only for Pete Carroll, kiffin era), MSU, Nebraska(97' still bugs me), Tennessee, Bama, Oregon. Might throw ole miss in, somethings going down recruiting wise there.


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Can't believe it took so long for anyone to mention '97.  Nebraska whined their way into a share of the title after Tennessee laid down in the bowl game and Osborne announced his retirement.  To this day, the thought of Scott Frost and his post-game begging makes me sick.


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No elaboratiojn neccessary for the first 3....

1.  Ohio State

T(2). MSU/Notre Dame

4. Oregon - My perception of Oregon's program is one that they are as dirty as the SEC, with the added bonus of having Phil Knight's bankroll to get them whatever competitive advantage they desire in recruiting. 

5. Arizona - After 3 years of hating seeing RR fail, I now enjoy seeing Rich fail, particularly in 60-53 type fashion.  Helps me appreciate where Michigan's program is heading to all that much more. 

6. Washington State - Mike Leach.  The man is an arrogant, pompus pirate-ape.  Kudos on calling out Craig James, but otherwise can't stand the guy and fortunately it's pretty common to see his squad lose these days. 

7. Oklahoma - Not a Bob Stoops fan, and it seems like OK has been (vastly) overrated for the better part of the last decade based on reputation alone.  Always fun seeing them tumble. 

8. SEC + Florida St - Particularly to teams that don't have any shred of dirtiness remotely connected to them. 

9.  Anyone who has beaten Michigan in the last 5 years.  Yes, I like seeing Toledo with an L on the bottom line. 


September 3rd, 2013 at 3:02 PM ^

I love seeing both MSU and OSU lose, just because the fanbases drive me crazy whenever they play UM.  At least OSU has historical success; to listen to Spartan fans the last couple of years is to imagine football only started being played in 2008.  Illinois was up there for a bit because I remember them talking up their "dominance" when they made the Rose Bowl some years ago, as if Juice Williams and some luck would just continue to dominate the conference going forward.

I've never had as much of an issue with the Irish because, I don't know, they just seem as blue-blooded at UM when it comes to football.  It's kind of self-hating to complain they are elitist.

Beyond that, USC has ALWAYS gotten under my craw, probably because of the succession of coaches they've had any the general over-rattedness of program when they aren't paying guys.  Same with Miami and Florida St. - two programs still trying to live off their heyday in the 90's before the NCAA came down hard on them for running semi-pro teams.  And I always hated Bowden; biggest hypocrite I can remember from that era.

I've never hated PSU; the "we're a victim" line is such a small component of the fanbase.  UM fans were equally as "why are we suffering" after Webber and the Fab Five broke.  Overall, they seem like decent fans who just wanted to cheer on their team and obviously never expected their esteemed coach and former DC to be involved in such horrible acts.

I've also had a completely irrational hatred for Ole Miss for years; I think it has to do with the blatant racism, misguided sense of superiority they hold over Miss St. (if there has ever been a worse tallest midget argument in a state, I'd like to see it), and their "let's dress up at the Grove and act all refined while rocking boat shoes, summer dresses, and a combined IQ of 80."



September 3rd, 2013 at 3:04 PM ^

I enjoy seeing all of Michigan's opponents lose to Michigan. That's about it.

I guess that's not really what you're asking, though. The problem for me is that our opponents change. Even among the Hegemony, teams go up and down. Alabama, USC (California,) Oklahoma, Georgia, Texas, Florida, Florida State, Tennessee, & Nebraska have all been up and down. Same with Ohio State and Michigan State. Same with Miami.

Another issue is that  I like watching a good football game, regardless of the opponent. For instance, I don't want to watch a defensive slugfest that is boring as all get out (Michigan State, anyone?) I don't really care to watch crummy games that I have very little emotional investment in.

I don't have the same hatred for Michigan State & Notre Dame that many harbor here. I dislike Ohio State more, but even they had the Cooper years. Here's kind of a list.

  1. I want the Big 10 to be strong, so I generally want the Big 10 to win.
  2. I love to see the prould fall. So, right now, I wouldn't mind seeing Alabama lose.
  3. In general, I like for SEC teams to lose.
  4. In the Big 10, I wouldn't mind if MSU lost now, but I think they're going downhill, so I probably won't care as much soon.
  5. In the Big 10, I wouldn't mind if Ohio lost.
  6. I don't like scuzzy teams and thug teams. So I used to want Miami to lose. Not sure if that's an issue anymore.


September 3rd, 2013 at 3:24 PM ^

I used to have a "win them all but one" mentality with OSU until Tatgate/Urbz is Baby Jesus. MSU I have that mentality with now. ND... I want all the bad things to happen to them and only them.



I've been out of state for some time so my MSU hatred has been lacking. I'm sure if I lived back home the "urge to kill" would be off the chart the last six or so years. So if I was home it would be:




3)Any form of chaos in the top 25 (for I love tears of sadness).


September 3rd, 2013 at 3:18 PM ^

1. OSU
3. Alabama
4. Miami(Different times)
5. ND

1. MSU
2. Duke
3. Indiana
4. Wisconsin
5. OSU
(Also, don't tell my wife's side of the family, but I love it when Kentucky loses.)


September 3rd, 2013 at 3:19 PM ^

  1. OSU
  2. Bama/LSU/Florida/Georgia/South Carolina/TAMU/Arkansas/Tennessee/Auburn
  3. ND
  4. MSU
  5. Southern California
  6. Oregon
  7. Texas
  8. Florida State
  9. Wisconsin
  10. Anyone ranked ahead of Michigan


September 3rd, 2013 at 3:48 PM ^

1. Wisconsin

Living in Wisconsin the last 12 years, I have come to hate the Badgers.  Every Badger fan thinks Michigan is a top rivarly, which drives me nuts.  You would be suprised at how many stupid "Muck Fichigan" shirts there are in Wisconsin.  Plus Badger fans are delusional and think they are championship bound every year.  They dont realized they are mediocore at everything.

And oh yea, Bo Ryan


September 3rd, 2013 at 3:55 PM ^

I root for whichever team(s) have cupcake schedules that might allow them to waltz into a title game. This year that team is Louisville. Their schedule is embarrassing, and I hate the they can't control who they play nonsense. Ohio (Bobcats) might be their best non-conference opponent, and their in-conference schedule isn't much better.