Which recruits does RR make/break a commitment?

Submitted by StephenRKass on December 9th, 2010 at 11:58 AM

So Dee Hart indicated that he wants to play for RR, and will wait until things shake out to make a commitment, going to Michigan if RR stays, and Florida if he leaves. (although, who knows about Florida now with the Meyer resignation/retirement.) Devin Lucien, otoh, seems interested in Michigan, regardless of who is coaching.

This question is really for Tom VH, but I'm wondering where our current verbal commitments and those still on the active board stand, in terms of RR. My guess is that some want to play for RR & the current staff, and for others, it doesn't matter so much. I have the sense that many of our current commitments want RR to be retained, and that many of our potential recruits are waiting to find out if RR will return before they commit to Michigan.

So, to state the question simply:  for which commits and active recruits does the retention of RR into the future make or break the deal?

As an aside, assuming that a statement of some kind is made in early January, I don't see the delay being that critical, one way or the other. Recruits have plenty of time before signing day to come on board or head elsewhere.